8 tips to make your small garden become a perfect small garden

Even if you only own a limited space, there are 8 tips to make your garden become a perfect small garden for home landscaping.

1. A small garden in wooden barrels is the solution to grow flowers herbs or even vegetables and fruit trees in the narrow area. This is also a way to keep your plants can survive in the cold weather because you can easily bring them into the house without meeting any obstacles!

A pretty wooden car used to be a flower pot

2. If you are a beginner and this is the first project of your garden, start with the herb or cactus. There are many reasons to prove that this is the smart choice! Herbs are often small in size they look quite lush and beautiful when grown in small ports or containers. These plants grow quite easily so it is ideal for gardeners who do not have much experience.

Creative “pots” like this is a good idea for small herb plants.

3. In fact, all kinds of cute little pots will be very nice when it is displayed on the shelves, the main effect of this tiny pots are mainly for decoration. Plants and herbs need space to grow and develop wide. Therefore, if you want to harvest them to use, you need to invest the kind of larger-sized pots.

Large plant pots bring not only fresh beauty but also practical benefits.

4. Do not forget that light is essential for plants. Make sure your plant pots are placed in a cool location and provide enough amount of light

The majority of plants that need light and airy atmosphere.

5. The type of wood barrel has a variety of shapes and sizes. The choice for you is countless, the most common that you will see is the idea of planting trees and other types in barrels, tubs or even a bathtub!

Balcony gardens were planted in different pots.

6. Large Plastic basin is relatively low cost and can be easily purchased at any store. Meanwhile, ceramic pots are also great decorations to create an high aesthetic garden in the porch area.

Sveral types of potted plants that you can choose from.

7. The carved wooden blocks forming pots having special shapes will be favourite choice for those who love gardening. If you need large pots to match the larger trees, choose the concrete planters.

Pots carved out of blocks of wood.

8. Do not ever forget that the pot should have water outlet at the bottom, in order to avoid inundation killing the plants.

Small trees with pretty branches

Here are pictures of the fresh and brilliant gardens in quite small space:

Small terrace with many kinds of plant
Flowers containers on the roof.
Wooden barrels are arranged beautifully to make an ultra perfect for small spaces.
Although a small balcony, you can still plant crops and foliage height just right to get the shade.
Use a large pot to plant flowers or multiple herbs not only save space but also bring diversity.
A “Super romantic” garden as in fairy tales.
The garden provides quite and peace.




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