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9 advertisement not to be missed

The design outdoor billboards creativity can attract viewers whether they fairly busy. Check out these great ideas to inspire your creativity.

01. Burt’s Bees

An outdoor advertising very interesting Intense Hydration, interaction of pedestrians make your ad’s message is clear.

02. Lego

Lego has always been a toy stimulates creativity and its ads and clear criteria so.

Oglivy Malaysia has used billboards to inform bus mainstreaming the idea of Lego. A great idea.


03. Leica

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case with 12x zoom capability. Designed by Young & Rubicam Advico in Switzerland has shown exactly the creativity of design in the transmission of messages.


04. OBI

OBI wanted to do something different from the way conventional billboard. Of course the purpose of OBI is wanted viewers see the use of their product can do better for the house.

“The biggest challenge of the campaign is to find homes can implement ideas” from Jung Von Max Pilwat Matt / Elbe explained.

04. McDonalds

Two extremes Love or hate, McDonald’s always possible for these ads so great. With the support of DDB Stockholm, billboards located on the boundary of a town / city and the price of the products is very attractive when you go into the town / city.



05. British Airways

Designed for British Airways for the purpose attention. Oglivy Group UK has used a technology to identify the flight according to the actual time. Abigail Comber – the head of the marketing division of BA said: “First it is not only the first for British Airways it is the whole advertising industry of the UK”

06. Oreo

One of the famous American brand held Oreo’s 100th birthday with his campaign called “Wonderfilled”. The motion animation is impressive performances at Time Square.

07. Nike

To promote his new Nike shoes that did not spare the time and cost of hiring skilled workers to knit a pair of shoes on high billboards.

The work was conducted manually at road Nanjing East Road, one of the busiest streets in Shanghai. This led many people to wonder.

08. iPod & iTune


09. BBC World

A photo reportage renowned BBDO NY is expressed in a very special way. Simple but effective to excellent.


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