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9 Best WordPress Plugins for mobile Websites: 2014

Today the scene on the web is moving more towards mobile browsing more than ever before, which all the more reason to have a mobile version of the WordPress blog that you have. But this need not concern you unduly as WordPress has plenty of plugins that will enable you to have website that is mobile friendly.

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website

In case you see a lessening of traffic for your website it could be due to the fact that it does not enable viewing on the mobile. It then becomes the right time to cater to your visitor’s needs and provide them with a mobile site using some of the plugins that are given below on a WordPress site.

Here is the dynamic collection of  Best WordPress plugins specially for mobile website:

WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (1)

On installing this plugin anybody to come to your site using a mobile device can be detected this plugin from Crowd Favorite will ensure that desktop switches to mobile version automatically. It will also glean the browser being used by the visitor. You may need to add and modify all the mobile browsers on the settings page of the Plugin, if it significant. This will ensure that the plugin will load the theme that is designed for that device.

WordPress Mobile Pack

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (2)

This is not just any plugin as it has all the requirements that you may need for mobile site. It comes with a mobile switcher which means that it will pick the theme as per the device used by the visitor. It comes with a sizable number of themes and widgets making it a complete package. You can also edit the look of the site on the control panel. The best part is that the plugin will do quick work of adapting to the phone used.

Mobile Press

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (3)

This contains all the vital aspects required to make the site mobile. It is straight and simple and there is going to be new version coming out soon. Though it is on par with other mobile plugins the thing that makes it stand out is that lets site owners and bloggers create themes of their choice instead of just offering default themes.

WordPress Mobile Admin

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (4)

This is very easy to use and one can learn quickly enough as soon as you have installed the plugin to personalize the site easily. The main aim of this plugin is also to ensure that the site can be viewed when visitors come to the site using a mobile device. Since it is an older version, you may have to think of other options in case the WordPress version you use is above 2.6.

WP viewMobile

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (5)

It is a plugin that comes in totally handy for making the blog ready for mobile. It will redirect visitors on mobile to template having all the contents of the site automatically. The images will be sized to meet the requirements of the browser that the user is using.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress


WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (7)

This plugin that was made in 2009 is great with new updates added. It has been coded in WAPL, a unique markup language which has been put together with the express purpose of enabling the site accessible to all devices. Simply put this plugin will convert the desktop site to a mobile site.

WP Mobile Detector

WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (8)

Again a simple plugin that will adjust your blog to be viewed on mobile devices. All you need to do is change some settings of the application and your site is ready to be viewed by mobile users. Unlike other plugins that can simply target a few of the devices, this one can change your site that is mobile accessible on above 5000 devices. It offers only 9 themes currently and also offers access numbers to find out the visitors you get through mobile. The free version can be downloaded but for more features you can go for the pro version.


WordPress Plugins For Mobile Website (9)

This has only two themes but makes up with the power it has. This smart plugin utilizes 7 shortcodes, 6 page templates, 5 post formats and menus and buttons that are touch responsive. It is good for loading images automatically. It has capabilities to ensure that your site will be viewed as it was intended even on mobile devices.

Why go for Mobile Plugins for WordPress?

  1. It is a golden opportunity that should not be missed
  2. You have more visitors
  3. You are on par with your competition
  4. This is future

WordPress has one of the best CMS of today and with the addition of these plugins you are definitely at an advantage.



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