9 tips for storing kitchen items clean and beautiful

Kitchen is the place that you spend the most time and effort to arrange everything. With 9 tips for storing kitchen items below, you will get out of mess and keep the kitchen always in the best state.

1. Create a grocery list of items

Storage cabinets are a vital part of the kitchen, where you can compress a wealth of items, including kitchen appliances. And of course, along with that, sometimes you will fall into a state of “unconscious” when you can not control things in the cabinet. Learn to set up a small list to tell you what’s inside.

storing kitchen items

2. Use cabinet’s door

Using additional hangers and stickers, you can use the inside of the door with a lot of different applications instead of ignoring them. The small hook will give you more space to hang small items such as additional lock beam, measuring spoons … It can become a place where you store the daily recipes convenience.

storing kitchen items

3. Storage Drawer

Not always used kitchen items can also be hung or mounted on somewhere, the drawer is essential for you to store them. Devide small drawers into different cell to increase their storage capacity.

storing kitchen items

storing kitchen items

4. The open shelf

Open shelves are always useful in the kitchen space. They occupy a small area, the higher the storage capacity, they also help fill the blank wall, making the kitchen more beautiful and attractive.

storing kitchen items

storing kitchen items

5. Mobile Shelves

These mobile shelves are flexibility, ease of use as well as disassemble and move. Anytime when you need more storage space, the mobile shelves can help. And when not needed, we can get them back with a small storage space

storing kitchen items

6.Kitchen racks

The kitchen racks to storage bowls , cups , foods would be a good suggestion for kitchen space. Additionally, you can also select the small rack for your kitchen. These racks offer a considerable storage space, make your kitchen looks clean.

storing kitchen items

7. Arranging by height for boxed and canned items

To store clever the boxed items, quick searches when necessary, the ladder is an effective solution for you. Arrange the boxes from low to high to make sure that you can always see what information about them on the box.

storing kitchen items

8. Cart / Small box for refrigerators

If left as original state, there will be sometime the refrigerator can not serve your demand. By adding it to the basket or small box, you can increase the storage space inside the cabinet up a lot of times there.

storing kitchen items

storing kitchen items

9. The small groove

These small grooves in the main cabinet space is a solution for you to store pans, plates vertically. We only occupy a very small space, but what it brings will make you feel very satisfied.

storing kitchen items storing kitchen items




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