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How to Add “Follow” button to your Facebook Profile

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking websites which helps the users to follow or stay connected with the outer world. This feature has been lately added on to Facebook to make it more interesting and also has led to increase in participation of users with each other. One can easily get the option of follow button on their profile and once activated, a tab called “Follow” starts appearing along with “Add Friend” and “Message” button. With this button on your profile, you are given an option to follow the profile of others just to indicate that you appreciate their presence and also updates on their profile.

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How to Add “Follow” button to your Facebook Profile

Pre requisites before you add “Follow” button to your Facebook profile

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It is important for the users to understand that with this follow button on their profile, the timeline will be open up for subscription for other users and considering this fact, following things should be taken care of beforehand;

  • Make sure to hide the past before you open your profile to the subscribers i.e. other users of Facebook.
  • Share pictures of your best friends on Facebook
  • Don’t forget that with follow button, Facebook shall recommend people to subscribe to you.

Procedure of adding follow button on profile

Adding follow button is an easy thing to do, and by following this step one can accomplish this task successfully. It is considered as an interesting task and below mentioned steps can be followed for adding the button;

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  • The user will have to first sign in to his account.
  • Once you have logged on to the account, then click on the setting button.
  • Therein you may see a button names FOLLOWERS in the left column.
  • In “WHO CAN FOLLOW ME” option, choose “EVERYBODY” to add Follow button.
  • Just Below that, you can change various settings regarding the authorities of your followers.

Once the above mentioned steps have been followed, the user itself can check the follow button on their profile. One can view the timeline as public. With this add on feature your profile shall be all the more popular and famous on the social networking website.

Importance of using a follow button

Its use has been promoted widely because of various reasons namely;

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  • This button can be used by famous people on social sites which prove to be a lot useful to increase their followers and friends.
  • People can subscribe or share your posts and updates.
  • The Facebook pages have been benefited a lot with this, as information on the page can now be accessed and followed by the users. Further it can be shared amongst different users on the profile.

Subscription by people on Facebook profile

Facebook has another interesting feature wherein it allows the users to “Subscribe” to the profile which they like. It is somewhat similar to the feature of follow available on twitter. Whenever any post is published on the Facebook, then it shall appear in the live stream of every user who have followed or subscribed to your profile. This feature is similar to the feature of like on Facebook pages, as every user who likes the Facebook page also can see any updates on such liked page on his timeline.

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Using Add “Follow” button to your Facebook Profile has proved to be a lot beneficial for the Facebook users and has also helped them to promote different stuff which they usually share or comment on Facebook. Also the new added features on the site has given people a big platform to participate and share things with each other irrespective of the fact that they don’t belong to same place but share a common interest with each other.



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