35+ Revolutionary Retro Print Advertisement from early 1920’s

Advertisement has gone to ubiquitous presence today from small printed victorian trade cards in early 1870s to Big and bold colors and eye-catching graphics on huge billboards. Being big fan of retro and vintage advertisements I have collected 35+ Revolutionary Retro Print Advertisement from early 1920’s in USA,which will really amaze and inspire you. All showcased artwork’s are collected from Plan59, Hope they will inspire and please you –  Enjoy

Retro / Vintage Print Ads from early 1920’s

1960 Chrysler New Yorker in Formal Black

1960 Chrysler New Yorker in Formal Black

Diamond Crystal Salt, 1960

diamond salt

Owens-Illinois, 1957

Owens Illinois

So light they almost fly!

so light they almost fly

This is the Life | Pete Hawley, 1946

This is Life

Santa Fe Super Chief, 1948

santa fe super chief

Pepsi-Cola, 1957 | Joe de Mers (1910-1984)

Pepsi Cola 1957

March 1952 Crown Gasoline calendar | David Lockhart

March 1952 Crown Gasoline calendar-lockhart



Glass Container Manufacturers Institute, 1955

Glass Container Manufacturers Institute

Corn Products Refining Co., 1946

Corn Products Refining

Bohn Aluminum & Brass, 1947

Bohn Aluminum

Santa Fe Chief, 1947

santa fe super chief

Calvert Distillers, 1953

Calvert Distillers, 1953

The Joy of Good Eating, 1952

The Joy of Good Eating

Mother, I love you

Mother I love you

Vel and the Volcano

vel and volcano

Apple Kids, c. 1950s

Apple Kids

Antonio Escandell Oranges, c. 1940s

antonio escandell oranges

Franco-American, 1954

Sharon Steel, 1960: The living is easy-est with STAINLESS STEEL

Sharon Steel

Martians demand “IFIC”

Martins Demand

Boyhood Grapefruit, c. 1920s

boyhood brand

Meet the first Futuramic Station Wagon | 1949 Oldsmobile

Nash-Kelvinator Corporation, 1944

Nash Kelvinator

Industry moves on Timken Roller Bearings (1946)

Industry moves

1936 Fifth Avenue

1936 Fifth Avenue

Brakes Like a Woman

1955 Cadillac


National Paint and Varnish, 1949

national paint

1940 Packard Super-8 One-Sixty Touring Sedan


1958 Pontiac Bonneville


Bread’s better ’cause it’s fresher in Cellophane (1954)

Bread's Better

National Restaurant Association, May 1957

National Restaurant Association

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