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Best 25+ Amazing Google Earth Pictures: Really Interesting!

Google Earth is the virtual global map that depicts the geographical information tool. It was originally called as EarthViewer 3 D created by the Keyhole Inc. This is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which is funded by Google in year 2004. This tool maps the Earth by superimposition of the images through satellite imagery and geographical information system. Google Earth is available for free and the pro version is available for $399 per year. Google Earth can run on Windows 2000 and above version. Google Earth pictures are HD ones.

Amazing Google Earth Pictures1.1

Google Earth can be used in day to day purposes.

  • Google Earth could be used to view the areas that are subjected to disasters.
  • Google Earth can be used by the teachers in the classroom for teaching the students, lesson planning, human interaction, and for creating the web applications.
  • One can also place the bookmarks on Mars and Moon using Google Earth
  • You can even get the direction on Google Earth using street names and city names. One can only click on two spots on Google Earth.
  • It functions as the knowledge hub
  • You can also create image overlays for planning the trips, handheld GPS units, and hikes.
  • Google Earth can also map the homes and you can search for the random locations of developing countries.

Working of Google Map

Google Map is the Globe Imaging software. By the use of web based tools, users can easily look through the globe and also zoom through the natural features. Google combines the satellite images with aerial photography to give pictures to the users. Google has its own database to store the locations and places in it. If you need to download the meter resolution image of the world them it will take 12,400 years at a speed of 56K to get downloaded. So, Google provides an app to you to get connected with its database directly and view the images of the places. Download the app and get connected to Google datanase directly.

What is Google Earth Software?

Google Earth is now also available to download it for desktop. You need to be connected to internet in order to use it. It can even run on Mac OS and Linux. The software supports navigation buttons, zoom, rotate & tilt on Google Earth Frame. It may take you months to utilize the Google Earth application completely. Basic features of Google Earth application are:

Amazing Google Earth Pictures1.2

  • Sightseeing
  • Local Search
  • Mapping/Directions

The basic version of Google Earth is available for free and is amazing piece of software. If you want to utilize Google Earth completely then go for Google Earth Pro paid version.

Google Earth 3D and other features

  • Video Flyovers: One of best aspect of Google Earth is flyover. You can search through the countries from any place. The video flyover feature of Google Earth helps you to get directions of place while you are travelling. You will get information for turning on turns and reaching your destination.
  • 3D Views: The Google Earth app had created the 3 D buildings for most of the cities of US. You will get detailed structure of place, where you are and the place where you want to go. There are rotate and tilt buttons to support you.
  • Sightseeing across the Globe: You can visit different sites across the world with the help of Google Earth app by sitting at your place.

Google Earth technology

Google Earth gives you the ability to zoom rotate and tilt the image accordingly. Google Earth App do not store these all images, but the Google Earth app establish the connection with image database and fetches the image to you within milliseconds. It hardly takes any time to do so. Google has different software patents that are related to Google Earth app. One of the patents that cover nearly everything is Universal Texture.

The Mipmaps are the collection of bitmap images that works within the texture in order to create illusion of depth. Therefore it creates a 3D look for the image. Google Earth is giant in itself and uses different technologies to make the app fully functional at customer end.

Google Earth Concerns

Some of the major issues related to Google Earth are:

  • The issue to capturing photos and fixing them for exact location
  • There are personal privacy concerns related to Google Earth as its tells nearly every address around the world
  • National security issues also arise due to Google Earth as there is too much detail available on Google Earth.

Google Earth is a wonderful app having some advantageous features for people but at the same time may act as threat to people’s privacy. Google need to look for securing this app.

Today, we’ve collected the amusing set of amazing Google earth pictures which allows you to check out the impressive work of Google earth.

Amazing Google Earth Pictures

Amazing Google Earth Pictures1

Amazing Google Earth Pictures2

Amazing Google Earth Pictures3

Amazing Google Earth Pictures4

Amazing Google Earth Pictures5

Amazing Google Earth Pictures6

Amazing Google Earth Pictures7

Amazing Google Earth Pictures8

Amazing Google Earth Pictures9

Amazing Google Earth Pictures10

Amazing Google Earth Pictures11

Amazing Google Earth Pictures12

Amazing Google Earth Pictures13

Amazing Google Earth Pictures14

Amazing Google Earth Pictures15

Amazing Google Earth Pictures16

Amazing Google Earth Pictures17

Amazing Google Earth Pictures18

Amazing Google Earth Pictures19

Amazing Google Earth Pictures20

Amazing Google Earth Pictures21

Amazing Google Earth Pictures22

Amazing Google Earth Pictures23

Amazing Google Earth Pictures24

Amazing Google Earth Pictures25

Amazing Google Earth Pictures26



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