80 Angel Tattoo Designs To Feel Them

Tattoos are the modern form of body art prevalent in almost all big countries of the world and have become like a blessing in disguise for many people. Though originally the whole process of tattooing is quite painful, but with the improvement in technology the art of tattoos have reached new heights and become easier for tattoo artists.


Angel tattoo design is the most popular type of tattoo design among both men and women of different age group and religion.


Angel tattoos hold a deep symbolic meaning to the person who wears it and are usually worn to serve different purposes.
Angels are considered as messengers of god and represent everything that is good. For men, the angel tattoo represents the higher self. For women, the tattoo represents beauty and calmness.


The best feature about angel tattoos is that they can be of any size and can be beautifully inked on any part of the body by professional tattoo artist. There are varieties of styles to portray angel tattoos. Let’s have a look over some unique designs –

Fallen Angel Tattoos

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Fallen angel tattoo design represents negativity. Symbolic meaning of angel tattoos is related to pain, suffering and sadness. The fallen angel designs are usually inked as angel either looking up in the heavens or down. The other popular style of fallen angel is angel with a broken wing. The design looks great on large areas like – back, thighs and legs.

Praying Angel Tattoos

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In all major religions of the world, it’s believed that prayer is the only medium with which you can communicate with the god and get your wishes fulfilled from him.

A praying angel tattoo symbolizes your connectivity with god seeking correct guidance and protection against certain issue.
You can get this meaningful tattoo design inked on lower back part of your body.

Flying Angel Tattoos

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This tattoo design is popular amongst women, especially young girls. Flying angel tattoos are usually shown with a trumpet which symbolizes Resurrection. A person, who has waked-up from his sleep after so many years due to a traumatic incidence and identifying the fact of rebirth, can definitely go for this flying angel design.

Angel Winged Tattoo Designs

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The colorful winged angel tattoo design is gaining lot of popularity amongst youngsters. Wings of the angel represent free spirit, freedom and independence. The people who believe in strong spirituality love to go for this tattoo design.

The good condition of the wing indicates your strong relationship with the god, whereas damaged or broken wing indicates your indirect connection with god.

Guardian Angel Tattoos

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Guardian angels can either be male or female and are depicted with wings, sometimes holding a child in the arms, a sword or other weapons.

These angels are treated as representative of god and their work is to guide people towards good deeds.
Moreover, the tattoo depicts a person’s devotion and faith on god. It can be successfully worn by both men and women of any age group.

Angel Heart Tattoos

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It’s one of the most popular angel tattoo design. The people who are in love are extremely fond of this tattoo design. The little heart reveals out different meanings. For some, the heart is a sign of newly found love with the blessings of angel, while for some others the heart is a sign of freedom and joy. Also, some people get this tattoo inked in the memory of their loved ones.

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