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Angry Birds 2 officers landmark 20 million downloads in just 1 week

Angry Birds 2 officers landmark 20 million downloads in just 1 week

Since widely released to users (30/7), as of this moment, the game Angry Birds version 2 has achieved milestones download impressed, with 20 million downloads in just one week.


Angry Birds version first game developer Rovio released in 2009. As announced by Rovio, the Angry Birds 2 on iOS platform is currently head of the game in the list of 100 countries download, while version run the Android operating system is also “hot” least at all.


Angry Birds 2 still revolves around the story of the uncle “crazy bird” on the way out of the island perpetrators are stealing eggs green pigs, but with some new character classes, the difficulty level has been increased substantially to stimulate more players. The level of play Angry Birds 2 is arranged in an eye-catching form of maps and game like Candy Crush journey, not dry as simple and umbrella tables of the old version.


There is little regrettable that Angry Birds 2 is currently only been released for iOS and Android, and Windows Phone platform is not yet known when the new developer Rovio offers.

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