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Stylish Ways To Wear Animal Print Dresses

Animal prints are something that are very edgy and stylish. But they are not very easy to wear. Patterns, stripes and sports can easily make you look ugly if you are not aware of the rules to wear them the right way. If you love animal prints then have a look at some of the tips and examples to wear them the right way.

Vixen Leopard Print Bodycon Midi Dress


  1. As An Accessory:

Animal Prints 4

If you are not ready to wear animal prints in dresses then start off by wearing them as a part of accessory. How about wearing a leopard scarf with a trench coat? You can also pick up animal printed bags, and shoes. Just make sure you do not wear anything else with animal prints as this might overdo the look.

  1. Keep It Sophisticated:

animal Print Dress with Peplum

One great tip that will help you avoid looking odd and someone who is trying too hard to show skin is to wear animal prints in a sophisticated manner. Go for sophisticated and classy pieces and avoid the seductive cuts. Keep your cleavage area and your legs less exposed and you will get a cute and classic look.

  1. Do Not Mix And Match:

CURVE plus size T-Shirt Dress In Animal Print

Animal prints itself are very edgy so wearing them with some other prints will only make you look odd. Keep the rest of your outfit simple with the animal prints and go for the neutral color tones such as black or brown. Never mix your animal prints with other prints.

  1. Go Neutral With Animal Prints:

animal Print skirt for girls with large hips

If you are new to animal prints and you want to pay safe, then start off by pairing your animal prints with the neutrals. Neutrals include, white, black brown or beige and they blend pretty well with the animal prints.

  1. Pair With Pastels:

Cape Back Maxi Dress In Abstract Animal Print

If you are the type of girls who like experimenting with fashion, then try animal prints with pastel colors. Start off with simple choices such as pink earrings, belt, or heels with the animal prints. One good choice is to choose heels in pastel for a pop of color.

  1. Avoid Wearing Animal prints From Head To Toe:

rocking animal print dress trends mix and match

Animal prints always look good if worn in a small manner. Consider it as a rule of thumb and pick one statement piece in animal print and keep the rest simple. It can wither be a top or a bottom. Just make sure it looks good on you.

Not forgot to keep in mind Top 5 Animal Prints in Fashion these days before buying any dress for this summer.

  1. Leopard Print
  2. Zebra Print
  3. Alligator Print
  4. Snake Print
  5. Peacock Print

Have a look at some of the stylish examples of animal print dresses mentioned below and let us know which animal printed outfit you like the most.

45 Animal Print Dress Ideas

Animal Print Shirt Dress

animal prints in fashion one shoulder short dress

animal print dress

cute silk Animal-Print dress

Eva La Rue Hot animal print party dress

Heidi klum animal print dress

Leopard Print Maxi Dress

Naomi Scoop Neck Leopard Print Dress

spring trend animal print dress

tulisa in leopard animal printed dress


Forever 21 Leopard Print Peplum Top

Leopard print Jumpsuit

Leopard Print Peplum Dress with Black Sleeveless Top


Silk Maxi Dress In Mixed Animal Print

Vixen Leopard Print Bodycon Midi Dress

Animal Prints 1

Animal Prints 2

Animal Prints 3


Animal Prints 5

Animal Prints 6

Animal Prints 7

Animal Prints 8

Animal Prints 9

Animal Prints 11

Animal Prints 12

Animal Prints 13

Animal Prints 14

Animal Prints 15

Animal Prints 16

Animal Prints 17

Animal Prints 18


Animal Prints 19

Animal Prints 20

Animal Prints 21

Animal Prints 22

Animal Prints 23

Animal Prints 24

Animal Prints 25

Animal Prints 26

Animal Prints 27

Animal Prints 28

Animal Prints 29

Animal Prints 30

Animal Prints 10

one last thing in a small article difficult to put all available dresses in animal print is not possible for us, Please feel free to check two biggest retailers for animal print dresses




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