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Appealing Ways To Wear Pajama Shorts Outdoors

You might be thinking it as a crazy idea to wear pajama shorts outside the house but it’s not. Wearing pajama shorts outside the house is getting a hot trend right now and it’s also very cute. People are wearing pajama shorts with trendy and dressy tops to balance out the look. If you also want to wear pajama shorts in style but you don’t know how to master it then keep on reading for some helpful tips to wear them like a pro.

Stay Away From Lace:

When planning to wear pajama shorts outside the house, make sure you avoid those sexy lace ones and opt for the ones that offer sophisticated and covered style. You don’t want people to think of you as an attention seeker who is showing off too much skin. Pick up the ones in cute cuts and sophisticated fabric to look cute and sober.   7

Choose silk:

Making people believe that you actually planned to wear pajama shorts outside the house and you did not just forget to wear proper pants before leaving the house is very important. To achieve it, make sure you go for fabrics that you don’t usually wear in your bedroom such as silk and avoid the ones that are too ordinary and common such as jersey or cotton. Silk pajama shorts look too stylish. 13


Don’t forget to take help from accessories when you are planning to wear pajama shorts. You main goal should be to look edgy and stylish so that people will believe you actually dressed up your pajama shorts. Go for stylish shoes such as heels or stilettos to look polished. 11

Never wear full Pajama Set:

You might have got some inspiration from the magazines or TV stars to wear full pajama shorts outside the house but never try this at your area or you will end up looking like a crazy who forgot to change before leaving the house. 10

White Top:

This is the safest choice to wear with pajama shorts. Get some dressy look by pairing pajama shorts with classic tops such as white button downs or crop tops. Avoid wearing t-shirts as they will make you look too casual and nothing else. 18 These are some simple ways to amp up the ordinary pajama shorts, scroll down to have a look at some chic examples of wearing pajama shorts outdoors. 27 1 3 4 5   8 9 12 14 15 16 19 21 22 23 24 25 26



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