50 Amazing Arm Tattoo Designs For Boys And Girls

Tattoos are a way of showing what your personality means to the people who look at you. What makes a tattoo special is that they stay permanent. It is a long commitment and something you can’t change your mind over once you have had a tattoo. The most famous part of the body to get a tattoo is the arms. They are the most appropriate place to get a tattoo and most of those who wish to have a tattoo choose their arms. This is because there are huge options to position the tattoo when it comes to arms. Let’s have a look at the coolest arm tattoo design Ideas you can have.

Jesus cross tattoo

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This is one of the most common tattoos that people choose. Apart from those who follow the religion of Christianity, there are many who have this tattoo to show their faith. It is the simplest way of showing your belief in a particular thing. Mostly people get this tattoo on the side of their arms so that it shows up when they are wearing sleeveless shirts. Some people also get this tattoo on their forearms, but it depends on the person as for which place he likes the tattoo to be.

Dragon tattoo


Dragon tattoos are another sort of tattoos that have impressed mostly the youth to have it on their arms. Dragon in Greek means the ‘one who sees clearly’ and when you get this tattoo on yourself, you intend to believe it about yourself. Moreover, it looks good on arms as well. This tattoo has several ties with many cultures and has different meanings in each culture. In some cultures, the dragons were also regarded as evil creatures.

Zodiac sign tattoo

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Many people believe in astrological signs and thus get their zodiac sign tattooed on their body. Most people do it in their arms as it is the most suitable place. All the zodiac signs have symbols that would look good as tattoos. People love to get these tattoos on their forearms as well as side arms. It is recommended that you get them in black ink so that they stand out against all types of skin colors.

Angel tattoo

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A lot of people love to have this angel tattoo on their arms. It is a sign of goodwill and gives out a positive message. The word Angel in Latin means ‘messenger’ and an angel is always referred as a bridge between the human and the spiritual world. An angel carries out the wishes of higher humans in many religions across the world. Getting an angel tattoo on your arms is a good idea if you like what it portrays. This is one of the best arm tattoo design you can come across.

Scorpion tattoo


Though a scorpion is regarded as one of the most fearful insect, it has different meanings in various cultures. It is one of the most unusual tattoos that not many get inked on their bodies. By getting this tattoo on your arms, you give out a message that you don’t shy away from trying something unique. Some scorpions can also kill humans with their stings so you might need to think before you get this tattoo.

These are some of the arm tattoo designs that look cool yet will suit your personality. The decision to have a tattoo is one of the most important ones as you can’t change it later even if you want to. Before choosing the one you want, be completely sure that you will love the design even after years to come.

Arm tattoo design Examples

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