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Gigi Hadids Extremely Stylish 50 Looks and Trends to follow

Gigi Hadid’s Extremely Stylish 50 Looks and Trends to follow

Gigi Hadid’s Extremely Stylish 50 Looks and Trends to follow

One of favorite style icon among teenagers and youngsters at the moment is “Gigi Hadid” has quickly become America’s Sweetheart of the Fashion Industry. Who seriously knows how to work the casual with her California Girl good looks and sunny disposition elegant chic look for less and now you can be like her simply following


60 Stunning Hard Shadow Photos – Half-Shadow, Half-Light, Half Girl

Dark shadows can be downright creepy but a good creative photographer can make them meaningful, romantic and conceptual by using shadows in different shades and paterns . So get in touch with your other side and take some stunning hard shadow shots. Shadow science for photographers This handy dandy explanation of shadows will help you


50 Best Wedding photos of 2015; A Romantic Beginning of Life Adventure

Your wedding isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a huge life adventure & Romance. Photographers fallen in love with travelling and photographing couples wherever they are, and with the people they care most about. It should be a perfect memorable event with lots of memories captured in the form of photograph’s. Junebug Weddings recently announced


50+ The Most Elegant & Inpiring SideBooB Tats Ideas for Women

We all mostly get influenced from other people in our life; specially celebrities try to adapt their styles, habbits, culture and standard of living. Specially celebrity tattoo designs, We try to copy those designs on our self which are not at all necessary. Most of us get confused while selecting a tattoo deign that’s why

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Best & Unique Visual art Cutouts & Fashion illustrations by shamekhbluwi

Shamekh Bluwi is Jordan-based Fashion illustrator & architect,Whose love to art had made him unique and best in Fashion Illustrations and I am sure you will like his striking series of cutout illustrations and photographs mixed and taken in real locations give you a unique viewing experience for example that feature paper cutouts of women


The Best Hourglass Shape Bodies of All Time

To be very frank everybody like curvy women’s specially timeglass shaped, even women love them as well. Showcased Celebrities are from black&white movies to recent times, the Women are from the days of vivacious pinup girls to Old Hollywood icons like Bond Girls, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.  An hourglass physique has always made for