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70+ Beautiful Examples of Fractal Designs Created with Apophysis

Fractals are becoming more and more popular between designers and they have a good reason for it -with programs like Apophysis such fractal creation is not something impossible or difficult to achieve, just play with settings, variables, scripts, plugins and get unbelievable results. Today in this inspirational post, we look at beautiful examples of the dynamic digital art sensation [Fractal Art] with 70+ Beautiful Examples of Fractal Designs Created with Apophysis, Enjoy

30+ Beautiful Examples of Fractal Designs Created with Apophysis

Etheric Multi-Dimension by Trip-Artist

Fractal Designs11

The Eye of Gold by Trip-Artist

Fractal Designs21

Deep Purple by Lilyas

Fractal Designs31

Fractal Melt by Trip-Artist

Fractal Designs41

tiger tails by sewer-pancake

Fractal Designs51

Flofev by Digithalie

Fractal Designs61

City-Lights by littleriverqueen

Fractal Designs71

Christmas lies in the Air by littleriverqueen

Fractal Designs81

Violet bloom 1 by KeilaNeokow

Fractal Designs91

Ice-Age by littleriverqueen

ice age

Freezing by KeilaNeokow

Fractal Designs101

Erebus by Alterren

Fractal Designs111

o n e by 25percent

Fractal Designs121

Road To Nowhere by Joe-Maccer

Fractal Designs131

Apo 228 by Gerda1946

Fractal Designs151

Epispiralled Starfishes by apomaker

Fractal Designs141

Embracing Twist by apomaker

Fractal Designs161

Fractals and Julians and Cats OH MY by Saknika

Fractal Designs171

Waspish by Alterren

Fractal Designs181


Apophysis is a freeware Windows program for designing and rendering fractal flames. It was created by Mark Townsend and has since been improved and updated by Peter Sdobnov, Piotr Borys and Ronald Hordijk. Fractal Flames were originally developed in 1992 by Scott Draves.

My God… It’s Full of Stars by mbaldelli

Fractal Designs191

SG Color Holes by Trip-Artist

Fractal Designs201

FREE Fractal Sierpinski Tubes by 1389AD

Fractal Designs211

Nature’s Source by Trip-Artist

Fractal Designs221

Nest of Vipers by hourglassthorne

Fractal Designs231

Disco Spiralia by littleriverqueen

Fractal Designs241

Fantastic Voyage by grinagog

Fantastic Voyage fractal Art

Merging Apophysis by Gibson125

Apophysis Eye by peach

Apophysis Eye fractal art

Apophysis Peaches En Regalia by Gibson125

Apophysis Peaches En Regalia fractal Art

J.A. by babymik

tda fracta art

Tre Fern Fronds by Gibson125

Tre Fern Fronds fractal art

Apophysis Connections by Gibson125

Apophysis Connections fractal art

Quite Blue Apophysis by Gibson125

Quite Blue Apophysis fractal art

Apophysis Vanilla Passage by Gibson125

apophysis vanilla passage fractal art

Apophysis Corsets by ClaireJones

Apophysis Corsets fractal art

Apophysis-080411-12a by parablev

Apophysis fractal art

Sound Development by grinagog

sound development fractal art

Apophysis-050127 by hubbabub

Apophysis fractal art

Apophysis- 112 by coolheart

Apophysis fractal art

perspective by grinagog

perspective fractal art

Apophysis Treasure Hunt 2 by jennabee25

Apophysis Treasure fractal art

apophysis fractal with Z-cone by aperson4321

apophysis fractal with Z-cone fractal art

Fractal 001 by Darkerchon

fractal art

Melt the Ice by Zueuk

melt the ice fractal art

The Awakening III-Rebirth by CygX1

The awakening fractal art

Mid night by Zueuk

Midnight fractal art

Oily Flowers by darkarchon

Oily Flowers fractals

Apophysis: PRECIOUS by 1footonthedawn

Apophysis PRECIOUS fractal art

Apophysis-080331-122 by parablev

Bridge to Ophidian WP by Darkerchon

Balls and Yarn by Darkerchon

Balls and Yarn fractal art

Cathrines Wheels by Grinagog

catherines wheels fractal art

Apophysis- 121 by coolheart

Apophysis 121 fractal art

Treasure in 3D by Zueuk

treasure in 3D fractal art

Worn In Time by TwilightAmbiance

Colossus by TwilightAmbiance

Colossus fractal art

Resplendence by TwilightAmbiance

Gorgons Emblem by silverb

gorgons emblem fractal art

Apophysis Heart by coolheart

Apophysis fractal art

Instant of Lucidity by Szellorozsa

Instant of Lucidity fractal art

Shadowplay by grinagog

shadow play fractal art

always on the edge by grinagog

always on the edge fractal art

cranky by grinagog

cranky fractal art

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