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20 Beautiful Macro Photographs Of Dew Droplets

nature macro photography

Macro photography is extreme close-up photography. Macro photography is a n art of taking close-up pictures to expose the details of any micro object. Special designed Macro lenses are used for this genre of photography to get optimized close-up and larger than life size photos of small objects for high reproduction ratios. Today we are going to share some exceptional examples of macro photography of dew droplet. Let’s check out this collection of nature macro photography captured by very talented photographers and get inspired! Enjoy.

Drop of Autumn

nature macro photography

The warmth

macro photography


Moon light

dew macro photography

It’s So Bright

macro dewdrops photograhy

Angry beads

nature macro photography examples

A Hint inside the Drop

Nature closeup photography

White Drop

droplet macro photography

Spikey Drop

macro dew drops

A Spiky Nest

macro photography examples

Drops on a Leaf

nature macro photography

Water Drop on Cactus

macro water drops

Drop on green leaf

green drops macro photography

fantasy dews

macro fantasy dew

Morning breathless

morning dew macro photography

romantic dews

dew macro photogray

Feather Droplets

droplet macro


black and white macro photography

Midday shower

dewdrops macro photography

Shadow Journal

closeup nature photography

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