The Goddess Behind The Mask. 50+ Spectacular Photos

Behind the Mask Photos

Today we are in the mood to share something really beautiful Photography – The Goddess Behind The Mask. Mask photographers and artists will know exactly what I am talking about. It’s very exciting to see how art come alive like that. Each and every photograph is having its own beauty, composition and important, not an easy task to call one of few the best photos.

Well we have choosed really different title:The Goddess Behind The Mask. The Emotions, The Beauty.. what ever behind this mask is brilliantly captured. These photograph are carefully selected to share with you my most favorite photography style. The hide and seek of the eyes and the confusion of thoughts that what exactly behind this mask ?? Find your self. So lets have a look on The Goddess behind the mask. 50+ spectacular photos.

These are really something special and thrilling photos – masks being modeled and photographed, especially for me as a mask-making artisan.To many making mask is just a job or work, it is love and passion to create something stunning and adorable or something I love to make. A compulsion, a collage of ideas, a pretty concoction of colors and designs. I make them all the time, so I’m too close to them to be objective.

In all following showcased Mask Photos, Photographers choose mask, models and location to make photos really alluring, crafts model’s make up, chooses (or makes) her outfit, puts on masks which suits them and creates one of these portraits. by bringing live to these portraits in such a amazing conceptual way – the mask become alive, suddenly. Having soul, as we all know we can see life in the eye and in mask the only thing we can see is eyes and eyes behind the mask make it complete.

Masked by Klaudiqa-scarry-doll

Behind the Mask Photos

I believe there’s a hero in all of us, that keeps us honest, gives us strength, makes us noble, and finally allows us to die with pride, even though sometimes we have to be steady, and give up the thing we want the most. Even our dreams…

Shades of Gray III by disphorian-case

Behind the Mask Photos

Laura3 by JackyRoyalTS

Behind The Mask Photo

Black Grasp by mounabht

Behind the Mask Photos

mask by raufino

Behind The Mask Photo

Columbina Del Tempo by merimask

Behind the Mask Photos

Red passion by s-moon-s

Behind the Mask Photos

mask by ckythomyorke

Behind The Mask Photo

Bast, goddess of fertility by merimask

Behind the Mask Photos

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