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Top 18 Best Action Games for iPhone

Games are always fun to play, whether on big screen or small screen. Most of the people around the world love to play action games. Action games are really interesting and are filled with adventure. These games that earlier used to be played on big screens can now be played on small screens of your smart phones and even on iPhone. So, here is the list of best action games for iPhone that you must try at least once. You will definitely find them interesting.

Best Action Games for iPhone1.1

Best Action Games for iPhone

Zombieville USA 2

Best Action Games for iPhone1

This game is partly inspired the classic arcade games of 1980s. The game has players, who patrol ccity streets and carry melee weapons.

  • The players can buy the new weapons or even upgrade them
  • The game supports multiplayer online operation

World of Anargor

Best Action Games for iPhone2

It is an adventurous game filled with action. This game dates back to medieval period. You have to stop the dark legion in form of poisonous orcs, spider, and other evil spirits. The game has 9 detailed and massive levels.

Chopper 2

Best Action Games for iPhone3

The ultimate objective of this game is to pilot the helicopter on different missions. These missions may be enemy assaults, rescue missions etc.

  • This application even support the TV output up to 1080p
  • The remote controls are easily compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

The King of Fighters

Best Action Games for iPhone4

This is one of the best iPhone games which is based on 2-D Street fighting and has got HD graphics. This game is really fun to play on.

Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc

Best Action Games for iPhone5

You need to pass through the terrible passes when you are struck in the mental hospital. The game is really mesmerizing.

  • It has a horrifying atmosphere
  • You can play this game at night for great effects

Wild Blood

Best Action Games for iPhone6

This is an action packed game with stunning 3-D graphics and ambient sound. You can upgrade the weapons to kill the monsters falling in your way.

League of Evil 2

Best Action Games for iPhone7

In this game the players rush through the devious traps that are devilishly placed with dangerous enemies.

  • The game requires very quick reflexes
  • It has more than 160 levels to play

Infinite Warrior

Best Action Games for iPhone8

The game gives you the direction to wipe and put the arrows on shield of enemies to collect golf rewards and points. It has got brilliant 3-D graphics.

Call of Mini: Infinity

Best Action Games for iPhone9

Call of Mini is an action game in which you have to save your planetians by shifting them to other planets. You also need to explore about the new place. Some of its features are:

  • It has absorbing battles
  • You require powerful skills to play this game

Robot Wants Kitty

Best Action Games for iPhone10

This is one of the best iPhone games to be played by iPhone users. In this game the robot is trying very hard to rescue his beloved Kitty.

  • You can collect the powerups for shooting, jumping, and other activities throughout the game
  • The 6 levels are available for free and other 5 levels are paid

Metal Wars 3

Best Action Games for iPhone11

This is another one from list of best iPhone games and is based on battles and action. The game is a futuristic game that provides you the weapons of 22nd century for gigantic battles.

  • More than 40 weapons and modifications
  • You can create your own robot in this game
  • It has great quality graphics

Breach and Clear

Best Action Games for iPhone12

It is an action strategically sound game that has realistic looking fights. You have to carry out missions to progress sin this game.

  • You can choose your task force from army of USA or Canada
  • You need to build strategies and plan a route


Best Action Games for iPhone13

It is a rapid shooting game that takes you to year 2359 in which you play likes the protector of complete galaxy.

The Walking Dead

Best Action Games for iPhone14

This is a terrifying action game in which the players will be tested in Zombie apocalypse. It is based on original comics.

  • You can find inventory items in game
  • Your decisions will influence the plot and relations with other characters


Best Action Games for iPhone15

It is an amazing fighting action game that is based on side scrolling Karate Classic. IT is created by the maker of prince of Persia- Jordan Mechner.

Blue Defense: Second Wave

Best Action Games for iPhone16

In this game, the players need to protect their planet from circling invaders. You can obtain the high scores from endless modes.

  • The player works for the medals at every stage and this adds to the replay value of game
  • You can even enjoy multi touch feature

C.H.A.O.S HD Multiplayer

Best Action Games for iPhone17

It is a helicopter fighting action game that has quality HD graphics and real battle locations. You can even play this game in multiplayer mode to bring twist to this game.

Red Nova

Best Action Games for iPhone18

This is a shooter action game in which the players fly spaceships and face the enemy collecting energy and powerups from them.

  • This game is similar to classic asteroid game
  • You can use energy for firing the missiles
  • You can repair the shield and even deploy powerups



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