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Top 40 Best Aerial Photography: Capturing the Moments in Air

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Aerial Photography is one of the most popular commercial skills offering huge income to the photographers. It covers a good amount of work in the field of real estate, government projects, construction, paparazzi coverage, and environmental issues. Some of the most artistic images are captured in this type of photography. Let us learn about the history of Aerial Photography.

History of Aerial Photography

The first Aerial Photograph was captured more than 150 years ago. The French Balloonist Gaspar Felix Tournachon, who was professional photographer, used aerial photos for map making and surveying. He implemented this idea in year 1858 by capturing first known aerial photo. This image was captured 8 meters above the ground from hot air balloon. This photo was of a French village- Petit Bacetre. This photo was lost unfortunately.

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James Wallace Black in 1860 took the oldest aerial photograph that still exists. The pioneers used pigeons, rockets, or kite as the medium of early aerial photography.  Archibald, the English Meteorologist took the first aerial photograph with the help of kite in 1882. Different techniques continue to emerge to capture aerial photographs and now the aerial photography is known well to everyone.

Different types of Aerial Photography

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There are different forms of aerial photography. Some of the well known types of aerial photography are:

  • Kite Aerial Photography: In this type of photography, the cameras are tied with the string of kites that are flying on the sky, to capture dramatic aerial photographs. This method is very old method of this type of photography, but can capture nice aerial photos cost effectively. The major disadvantage of this photography is that, it cannot be used in heavy rain and high winds.
  • Balloon Aerial Photography: In this type of photography, the air balloons take cameras to high elevation. The balloons cannot be handicapped in high winds. One of the major advantages of this type of aerial photography is that this method would not disturb the public. This method is utilized by many people around the world. You have ample to time to take good photos with concentration.
  • Helicopter Aerial photography: This method involves the use of helicopter to capture aerial photographs. One of the greatest advantages of using helicopter for aerial photography is that the photographer can adjust the frame accordingly and capture the best frame. The excellent control of camera by video photographer results in clear shots with excellent quality. This method is also called as high impact shooting method. This method is really popular among the movie makers.
  • Radio Controlled Aerial Photography: This method is used to capture the photographs with the help of remote controlled helicopter. This is an economical method. This aerial photography method is used by number of companies. One of the drawbacks of this method is that it lacks human factor.

Starting with Aerial Photography

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It may seem a difficult task to start with aerial photography. Though, it may be expensive in starting. You need to book a helicopter and charted pilot for aerial photography. They will carry you in air, so that you can capture the best photos. First learn a little about aerial photography and then make yourself ready to fly in air. You need to spend around $500 to experiment with your aerial photography skills.

When to go for Arial Photography?

Aerial photography is generally outdoor photography. It is recommended to go for aerial photography in early morning or late evening because:

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  • The sunrays will produce vibrant colors in the photographs
  • The photographs captured will be more pleasing and eye catchy.

If you want to capture commercial or real estate photographs then the afternoon time is the perfect time for such photography.

Best Equipment for Aerial Photography

You need to select perfect equipment for aerial photography, if you wish to capture the best photographs. The aerial photographs will be of wider view and require a good camera. For shooting a video, it is suggested to go for format lower than 2 ¼” X 2 ¼”. Cameras with higher formats will not give the effective results. Also, use the largest file saving size for saving the photos to get higher resolution.

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  • You can even go for lens equivalent to 35mm camera format.
  • The shutter speed must be 1/500 to 1/1000. It will help efficient to stop the moving action of aircraft.
  • For capturing photos above 1000 feet or higher, the shutter speed must be 1/1500 or lower.
  • The aperture must be between f/5.6-f/11 for most of the subjects.

You should use the above mentioned tips to capture the perfect photographs while in air. These tips are highly recommended by good aerial photographers and are the lifeline aerial photography.

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