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Top 20 Best Android Games to Play: Gamer’s Zone!

Best Android Games (1)

The world of gaming is changing from time to time. The days had gone when games were limited in your mobile phones. Tetris clones and the game of snake were very much popular at that time. But the invention of smart phones totally changed the definition of gaming in gadgets.

Nowadays, smart phones give a tough competition to game consoles, gaming laptops and Xbox. People also prefer those Android phones which have a variety of games and apps. There are about a thousand of Android games has been launched in which most of the Android games are in trend. People also love to play different Android games as playing a game regularly gives very much boredom. Here we are given a list of top 20 best Android games which can be easily downloadable and are very much exciting too.

Heroes of Dragon Age

Best Android Games (2)

It is a strategy based Android game in which you need to build your squad. You have to collect 3D figures of different characters in this game. Features

  • This game is perfect for those who love to be in the Dragon age universe.
  • It is an exciting and adventurous Android game.

Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour

Best Android Games (1)

It is a food service game in which you are getting paid only if you serve your customers quickly and accurately.

Dead Trigger 2

Best Android Games (3)

It is one of the best Android games you played. This game creates a scenario of Dead Island in your Android phone. Features

  • It has an amazing sound and visual effects.
  • The different levels of this game are also very exciting, but tougher too.

Crazy Taxi

Best Android Games (4)

It is a thrilling game for Android users in which you played the role of a driver of crazy taxi. Enjoy the different levels of this game with jams on the radio.


Best Android Games (2)

This game is made for those people who love to solve puzzles or riddles. You have to connect all the given dots in a given time to win the game. Features

  • It is a fun, addictive Android game for you.
  • It looks very simple, but actually it is a very complex game.

Ridiculous Fishing

Best Android Games (3)

This game is not as simple as it looks. It is a game in which you have to catch a fish, then throw them in the air and shot it.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Best Android Games (5)

It is a car racing game and it is the first choice of all the gamers. It has more than 47 super-cars with lots of advanced technology and features. Features

  • This game gives a tough competition to Need for Speed (NFS).
  • You can take the race multi-player with approximate eight players.

Space Team

Best Android Games (4)

This game can be played by two or four players. It involves shouting and punching each other. The more you shout and punch, the more is the chance of winning. Features

  • It is a multi-player game.
  • You feel a lot of fun and excitement while playing this game.

Triple Town

Best Android Games (5)

It is an innovative puzzle game for Android users. You have to build a city by combining three items.

Magic 2014

Best Android Games (6)

Those people who love to see magic and become magicians; this game is perfect for them. This game can be played by a single player as well as it has multi-player capabilities too. Features

  • It is a typical magic Android game.
  • It has all the new series playing cards.

Angry Birds Space Premium

Best Android Games (7)

It is the best version of Angry Birds. The background of this game is full of stars, meteors and planets.

Dungeon Hunter 4

Best Android Games (8)

This Android game is quite similar to the Diablo 3 Android game. You have to save the world from evil and destroy that evil from a warrior. Features

  • The graphics of this Android game are excellent.
  • There is also an option of playing in a team in this game.

Hill Climb Racing

Best Android Games (9)

It is a racing game in which you have to climb the hill with a car. You have to complete the level in a record time to unlock the next levels. Features

  • The graphics of this game are eye popping.
  • This game is very much addictive.


Best Android Games (6)

It is a jumble word game in which you have to make words by simply tapping on the words appearing on your screen at a given time.

Temple Run 2

Best Android Games (7)

It is one of the most played Android games. It is the second version of this game. It is an endless running game. Features

  • The version 2 has some new characters and achievements.
  • It also has various power ups.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Best Android Games (10)

It is a chart topper Android game in which you have to make your dream home with blocks and buildings.

Bad Piggies

Best Android Games (11)

This game is invented from the Angry Birds. In this game, there are green colored pigs. You have to save all pigs from a given set of pigs. Features

  • It is a quite challenging game as compared to Angry Birds.
  • It has sandbox levels in which you will get the most fun.

Plants Vs Zombies 2

Best Android Games (12)

It is a must have Android game for the gamers. You have to destroy all zombies for moving into the next level. Features

  • It includes an exceptional defence power.
  • This version takes you in a different world of new zombies.

Real Racing 3

Best Android Games (13)

It is a high definition Android racing game for you. You can play this game with your friends as it is a multi-player game.

Cut the Rope

Best Android Games (8)

It is a simple and classic Android game. This game is based on Physics in which you have to interact with different objects in different ways. Features

  • The levels of this game are superbly designed.
  • One never forgets a special character Om Nom in this game.


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