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11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

Best Blogging Apps For Mac Users

Blogging is great fun and then blogging on Mac which is a great computer can be a lot of fun. But the key to doing this and doing it well lies in knowing the right apps for blogging. Here is a list of apps that will make blogging on Mac a breeze.


It is not exactly very economically priced but is worth the price as it provides integration with almost all blogging platforms and CMS like Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type etc.

Blogging Tools For Mac


It is not only very affordable but is really simple in terms of changing the size of images in bulk and placing watermarks. It is easy to use and very efficient.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

Adobe Photoshop CS6

This may be beyond the means of casual bloggers and those who feel so can go for GIMP which id open source and thereby affordable. This app is really handy for making one of a kind graphics among other things. You can also used to elements of your site.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

iBooks Author

If you are looking to simply come up with a good eBook, then this option which is free will work for you. It has many templates and page layouts for free and really makes the ebook creation very simple. You can also export directly to the iBooks store or even to PDF format though Epub exporting is not possible but you can convert PDF to Epub using a converter

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


Want to keep a tab on your ideas even when you are out and about? Then you can use the combination of Apple notes and Evernote cloud which can be synchronized to the computer. The deal with Evernotes is that you can add more forms of post which for its pricing makes for a good deal.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


Do you find yourself in a mess? Then make use of Wunderlist as your taskmaster. Make use of the lovely and useful list design to keep track of the tasks that you will find yourself being able to meet deadlines.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


This is free and also provides you with a superb interface without distractions that is not simply a white page. As you type a sentence you will only see that which keeps you from going and back forth to see what you have been writing. It is good for putting down ideas on paper but does not have spelling check so check to ensure that mistakes are minimized.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


While Skype is great for getting in touch with people, networking or even taking interviews it also helps in making your blog grow as video chatting is one of the ways to go in the future.

Blogging Tools For Mac


This tool of Apple is an asset when you are working on putting together ebooks, white papers etc. This tool comes in hand exporting to PDF, DOC and Epub. So all you need to do is put together a document that is ready to be marketed on sites like Amazon. Plus you have many templates to pick from, graphics are quite easy and you can take screenshots to be used on the blog. It is also reasonably priced.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year

Google Drive

Having your post safely stored in a cloud is really comforting and this is what Google drive does. Plus you can also edit it any time you want and that too from any place. What more can you ask for?

Blogging Tools For Mac

Problogger Book

This one is really good guide for those who want to get into blogging. It throws light on many things that may have flummoxed in this regard.

11 Best Blogging Tools For Mac to Try this Year


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  1. I use Mac with the system boot camp to work with windows, and when y try to install the software I dont have problems, my problem appears when I do the activation of the license.

    This is the code of the error.

    Registration-Activation Error (0015.111)

    I would be very apreciated if you can help me

    Thank you very much.

    Your post may benefit from its own topic inside another subforum.

    You receive that error code when you try to activate which program? or service? with which license? inside windows (bootcamp)? or os x?

    Interesting nickname, by the way.

  2. Greetings, Well, its impressive article, Its useful to all, thanks for this sharing for us and it’s interesting article, I got the best information and best service from your blog, I am very glad to wish and sure its very helps.

  3. Nevertheless, If people are looking for mainly an editor and then copy/pasting to publish, I strongly suggest Ulysses for Mac and iOS. Currently for iPad, they’re releasing the iPhone app in a few months. I’ve been using the beta for months now and it’s great. It can publish to Medium, but not WordPress or Tumblr.

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