15 Best FeedBurner Alternatives to try

Feedburner is a powerful service that burns unlimited number of feeds from your site and give you a chance to get a large number of subscribers on your site. But, if you have created a WordPress website then you must try some of the best Feedburner alternatives that can easily replace Feedburner. Here is the list of Best Feedburner alternatives that you must try.

Best FeedBurner Alternatives1.1

Best FeedBurner Alternatives

Jetpack by WordPress

Best FeedBurner Alternatives1

This plugin has got subscription module that allows the subscribers of your website to get the updates whenever you post on your blog.

  • The subscribers can be informed about latest comments
  • You are unable to know the email address of people who subscribe

Subscribe 2

Best FeedBurner Alternatives2

It is a great plugin that allows you send the emails to the subscribers. You have the full control over email management and can choose when to send the email and to whom. Other features are:

  • You can see the email address of subscribers
  • You can send the emails to registered subscribers


Best FeedBurner Alternatives3

It is the commercial service to handle email marketing and RSS feeds together. Some powerful features of this service are:

  • It offers unlimited lists, subscribers, surveys, autoresponders etc.
  • It works nicely with wordpress blogs

Subscribe by Email

Best FeedBurner Alternatives4

It is a powerful alternative to Subscribe 2 and lets you to easily search through list of subscribers. However this plugin costs you $19m but offers great features over Subscribe 2 plugin.

Mad Mini

Best FeedBurner Alternatives5

This is an email marketing organization providing RSS to email feature to the users. The subscribers can be sent emails regarding updates on regular basis.

  • You need to pay $10 every month for 500 subscribers
  • The price goes $42 every month for 10000 subscribers
  • The price is $199 every month for 50000 subscribers
  • It is cheap as compared to its competitors


Best FeedBurner Alternatives6

This is the wordpress plugin that provides you simple stats related to your RSS feed and easily display to the dashboard. It is the best solution for people needing basic info about feed.


Best FeedBurner Alternatives7

This is the email service that allows you to convert the RSSs service to email newsletter and is very easy to setup.

  • You can combine multiple RSS feeds to single newsletter
  • 1000 emails per month are free
  • Up to 5000 emails will cost you $ 29 per month, 10000 emails will cost $75 per month


Best FeedBurner Alternatives8

It is a nice way of delivering the RSS content to the subscribers directly. You can send updates to subscribers as per your requirements. Other features of this plugin are:

  • It costs you $1 for first month
  • After this it will cost you $19 per month for about 500 subscribers
  • The prices increase with mail sent to number of subscribers

Rapid Feeds

Best FeedBurner Alternatives9

This service was established in year 2005 and provides RSS Feeds Management solutions to the publishers. They have a great support for RSS management and also provide support for feed URLs, advanced stats, feed updates, and much more.

Simple Feed Stats

Best FeedBurner Alternatives10

Simple Feed Stats is the free wordpress plugin through which you can track every person subscribed to your blog.

  • You can display your subscriber using plain text or Feedburner style widget
  • You can make use of shortcode to display subscribers on pages or posts
  • You get the current subscribers count too
  • It is easy to use


Best FeedBurner Alternatives11

It works quite similarly to Aweber. You can choose to send the emails to your subscribers with different email templates.

  • This service is free up to 2000 subscribers
  • You can send 12000 emails every month for free


Best FeedBurner Alternatives12

This service lets you create RSS feeds for the external webpages, website, or any podcast episodes. It also has free trial option available for its users.

If This Then That

Best FeedBurner Alternatives13

It is a great social media tool that allows you to set up the actions. If you do social media updates then there are lots of RSS options for you.

  • It cannot be used to track your RSS subscribers
  • You can manage the content that is delivered o other services


Best FeedBurner Alternatives14

This email service also allows you to convert the RSS feed into email newsletter. It is very expensive service and will cost you $100 for every 1000 newsletter delivered.


Best FeedBurner Alternatives15

This is the free service to promote your feeds and analyze your competition, other features of this service are:

  • They are user friendly
  • It takes little time to load
  • Your boosted feed can be searched and tagged



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