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Top 20 Best Free Icon Sets to try this year

The icon packs play an important role to modify the website design or design of any other application easily. These icons are especially designed to make the things look awesome over the webpage or any other web interface. Most of these packs are free and easily available over the internet.

There are number of free icon sets that can be readily used on your website. You just need to download the right icon set and play with it, across your website. These new styled and differently designed icons will enhance the overall look of your website.

Free Icon Sets

If you are searching for some of the best free icon sets then you will surely find some of them here. Have a good look over them and choose the best one for your website or web interface or for whatever places you want to use them. So, here are some of the icon packs that are available for the users easily over the internet world.

Best Free Icon Sets

Atrous Icon Set

These are the 3-D styles icons that are based on Computer and Hardware category. There are number of hardware and computer related icons in these sets.

Must Have Icon Set

These icons are available for free for the personal and commercial use.

  • If you use them for free, you need to link them to developer website
  • You can purchase the set for around $49 to $199, if you do not want to place link

This is Art

These are the set of icons that are available for free and personal use. Most of the icons are designed artistically to enhance the look of interface you place them on.

Vista Style Transport Icon Set

It is the set of 12 stylish and beautiful icons for QuickTime X. These are free for non-commercial use.

Social Media Ballons

These are the readymade icons that represent 164 objects with 1012 variations.

  • These are based on transportation category
  • These are available in different sizes like 16 x 16, 32 x 32, 48 x 48, 64 x 64, 128 x 128, 256 x 256
  • All icons are 3D

Comic iPad Icon Set

These icons are created by and are available for free for personal and desktop use only.

  • If you want to use them commercially then you need to order commercial license
  • Every commercial license will be priced at $24

Finance Icon Set

These icons are distributed under ‘Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License’.

  • These icons are based on finance related terms
  • You can use them for personal use and also for commercial use, but you need to provide the link back to their website
  • If you don’t want to provide link to developer site, you can purchase them at $199

Ballicons Icons

These are the colorful set of the icons that are scalable and feature flat designs.

  • They are created using vector shapes in Photoshop
  • They have standard size of 128 x 128 pixels
  • You can change the color and size of ballicons easily

Web Browser Icons

This set contains 9 high quality icons of 256 x 256 pixels that are developed in PNG and ICO format. Some of the icons in this package are

  • Chrome icon
  • Firefox icon
  • Opera Icon
  • IE Icon and more

iCloud Style Icons

These icons fall in the category of social media and are available in PNG image format. They have got a smooth style.

Free Large Boss Icons

These are 37 icons in total and are available in PNG, JPEG, GIF, ICO, and ICNS format with 8 different sizes.

New Social Media Icons

This icon set is completely free for commercial use. It is not compulsory to place the edevloper links with the icons.


These icons are distributed under ‘Creative Commons Attribution – No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License’.

  • They are free for commercial and personal use, but you have to link icons to developer link
  • To get commercial license, you need to pay $49 for every set

Flat Icons

It is the set of 20 colorful flat icons in form of vector PSD file. The icon size is 128 x 128 pixels.

  • They are of mixed category
  • They are available in PNG format
  • You can edit and color them easily

Super Vista General Icons

These are available for free for personal use only. You can even purchase its commercial license to use them commercially.

  • These are 3-D styled icons
  • They are available in PNG

Free Business Desktop Icons

These are the icons by Aha-Soft. You can use them in personal designs and commercial projects. Using these icons you agree that all icons are property of Aha-Soft.

YOOiCons Social Bookmarks

The icons are free to use for the commercial, personal, and the clients projects. However, you are not allowed to change the icons.

Royal Icons

This set contains the icons in PNG format under travel, Education, Science, and hotels categories. All icons are 3-D styled.

Chrome Icons

These icons are based on Music and multimedia category and you will love them. They are available in PNG format.

Gifts Icons

These icons are available in PNG and 3-D format under the category family and home. They are available for personal and commercial use.



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