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Top 20 Best iOS Games to cherish your Mind: 2014

iOS development had gained popularity throughout the world. The game developers are creating a number of high quality iOS games and iOS apps for the iOS users. People having iOS handsets can now play some of the best iOS games on their handsets. You will find number of iOS fighting games, mind mingling games, and many other games. Here is the list of 20 best iOS games to cherish your mind.

Best iOS games 20141.1

Best iOS Games

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This is the rarest game that is created for iOS and the best part is that it is available for free.

Best iOS games 20141

  • The player will take role of real heroes
  • You can play it cross platform too
  • It has easy to learn rules


This is free popular game with sharp features and a polished interface.

Best iOS games 20142

  • You need to choose the category in which you want to compete
  • Players can score high on quick answer
  • You can play it against your friends

Wind-up Knight 2

It is the sequel of Wind-up Knight 2. The players can control the sprint.

Best iOS games 20143

  • You face many obstacles and enemies on way
  • You can decide when player attacks, rolls, jumps, and blocks
  • It offers the first 8 levels for free

Rayman Fiesta Run

This is an inventive and bright game of Rayman Origins and is a 2D game. It has 75 stages offering you rewards in different levels with increasing difficulties.

Best iOS games 20144


This game is created people, who love space adventure and is a joy for mobile gamers.

Best iOS games 20145

  • You will navigate through uncharted space, alien encounters, unravel strange mysteries, and fight of slavers and pirates.
  • There are number of ships to unlock while playing the game

The Room 2

This is a more challenging puzzle game that has same creepy atmosphere.

Best iOS games 20146

  • You can control, swipe, and pinch the game cleverly
  • It has got multi stage puzzles to play

Pandemic: The board game

This frantic game is available at $6.99 for play. You need to stomp out the four fast spreading diseases in the town.

Best iOS games 20147

Out There

It is an atmospheric adventure in space. You can play as an astronaut cast.

Best iOS games 20148

  • You will encounter alien species, lonely galaxies, and technological marvels
  • You must recharge your oxygen and fuel while travelling on space


This game is available at $1.99 and is a match two styles puzzle on 4×4 grid.

Best iOS games 20149

  • The players slide around the number to create 3’s, 6’s, 12’s, and so on
  • It has got elegant mechanics and soothing soundtrack

Year Walk

It is a first person puzzle game that is revolving around Swedish myth. It is available for $3.99 for purchase. This is a folk game that lets you look in future.

Best iOS games 201410

FIFA 2014

It is the latest mobile soccer game based on FIFA 14 and players can enjoy this game.

Best iOS games 201411

  • You can choose your teams and select the players
  • You can play this game online too
  • It is available for free and premium version is available for $4.99

Cut the Rope 2

This is the sequel version of Cut the Rope and is based on Zeptolab’s puzzle. This game comes with cartoon aesthetic. It is the perfect game for adults and children.

Best iOS games 201412

Ridiculous Fishing

This is a sharply angular and brightly colored game on which you play the role of fisherman.

Best iOS games 201413

  • Every day you have to catch fishes in the water and fling them in air to shoot the,
  • You can get gunpowder by collecting a library of fish


This game is replica of Zelda, but this game has no princess. The soundtrack of this game is just superb. The boss battles of this game are highly enjoyable. It is available for $8.99.

Best iOS games 201414

Walking Dead: The Game

This is a click adventure and five part point game. This game is the tale of ex university processor and murderer Lee.

Best iOS games 201415

  • You act as the ex-university processor
  • This is haunting game


It is the turn based roquelike that is emptied of all the pretensions. This game is full of frills with usual suspects.

Best iOS games 201416

  • It is the puzzle game in which your ultimate goal is survival
  • It moves quickly into brain twisting territory


This game is designed with monochrome color palette. It is the puzzle platformer refreshing game.

Best iOS games 201417

  • The game has got terrific death sequences
  • The animations are very smooth and sound design is perfect

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This game doesn’t need its introduction. This game is bought for iOS and you can control game over touch screen.

Best iOS games 201418

  • This is high size game of around 1.5 GB
  • You can play this game for endless hours

The Wolf Among Us

This game has got fairytale like creatures and is gamed beautifully around the New York City.

Best iOS games 201419

  • The game presentation is incredible and have good sweeping brush
  • This game is a two hour game for expert

Monument Valley

This game is available for $3.99 on iOS store and is a type of stylish puzzle game.

Best iOS games 201420-horz

  • This game move around the monuments
  • Players guide princess Ida through the monuments



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