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15 Best Mobile App Development Tutorials: Create your own!

Mobile application development had gained popularity throughout the world in recent past and still one of the most popular careers to opt for. With coming up of latest gadgets and technologies daily in the market, the need to create a good mobile app is felt now and then every time. There are plenty of opportunities for developers and their team to design and implement the quality application that is unique, cheaper and relevant to use. They can learn to develop mobile app by learning from some best mobile app development tutorials given in the article.

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Apps can be defined as the smaller software programs that can be executed on mobile gadgets like Android smart phones, iPhones, tablets etc. These applications or apps are designed for simplified and a specific purpose. Every day a new mobile device is launched in the market. Every device needs an app to run. You can even install the third party applications on your mobile devices.

There is a large scope in mobile application development and people can even work in freelance basis. You need to decide some of the best features that you can provide in your app to make it popular around the world. You can sell these apps directly to the companies and even to the interested customers. Creating a mobile app is a good business nowadays and many people are earning huge money by creating their mobile applications. So here is the list of best mobile app development tutorials from which you can learn to create the mobile apps.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials

Developing Better PhoneGap Apps

It is the framework that allows you to wrap up the mobile web application and organize it as if it had been written natively.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials1

  • In this tutorial, you will learn to create this PhoneGap apps
  • You can learn the PhoneGap framework in deep

User Interface design for Android Apps

Android is one of the most amazing tools for the users. In this tutorial, you can learn:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials2

  • Creating android apps as beautiful as iPhone apps
  • Using images and XML files to add fresh look to the app

The Basics of Hybrid Application Frameworks

This tutorial will give you complete knowledge about:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials3

  • What are hybrid apps
  • How to create hybrid apps
  • What framework and tools are required to create hybrid app

Android Google Map Tutorials

In this tutorial you can learn to create the application to offer Google Maps on the android device of the users.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials4

Prepare an Application for Distribution

Creating a nice application is a good feeling for mobile developer. You need to have correct tools to save your time in creating the apps.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials5

  • This tutorial is given by Daniel Bramhall, the Mac and iOS developer
  • He will help you out in this tutorial

Two Minute Tutorial 1 Part 1

This tutorial will teach you to use AppLaud and PhoneGap Media API to play the audio file. It also teaches you to:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials6

  • Create simple user interface using jQuery Mobile and buttons
  • Different ways to access audio files

iPhone SDK development

This guide will help you out to learn about iPhone app development. You will learn about:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials7

  • Development along iPhone DSK
  • Setting up and configuring developing environment
  • Information about iPhone platform
  • Creating a simple fortune cookie app

PhoneGap from Scratch

In this tutorial you can learn to use PhoneGap from starting and create a fully fledged native application for mobile.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials8

App Framework Cookbook

This tutorial guides you with the fundamental concepts of app development. Other thnigs that you can learn are:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials9

  • Practical knowledge about app development
  • Easy startup with app development

Login Form Tutorial for mobile app: DHTMLX Touch

In his tutorial you will learn to implement the login form for the mobile web application and send the values of form to server with AJAX.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials10

Beginners’s Guide to iOS Development: The Interface

iPhone app development is not so hard as you think. This application guides you to create a fully functional iPhone app.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials11

  • You can learn to create some basic iPhone apps
  • You can even learn to create comprehensive iPhone apps

Android Text to Speech Application

In this application you will learn to add the text to speech convertor add to app to the android platform easily without any difficulty.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials12

Getting Started with PhoneGap

In this tutorial Andrew Lunny, the Adobe Team Expert goes over biggest barricade app developers might face in development of mobile application. Other things he covers are:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials13

  • Getting started with simple iOS app development
  • Developing basic android and blackberry apps

Android Application Development Tutorial

You can learn to create the application for any android device learning this tutorial. This application can be created for Android PC or Android Smart Phones.

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials14

How to Develop For The iPhone

This tutorial with teach you following things:

Best Mobile App Development Tutorials15

  • You can learn to create alternate style sheet and page for iPhone and iTouch
  • You can create mechanism to detect that user had arrived from iPhone to your page
  • You can also create mechanism to check page orientation on mobile device.



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