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Best Oil Paintings (1)

Best Oil Paintings (1)

The oil painting art had grown popular these days. The oil painting is one of the ancient art forms used for painting to capture the colors for long. The oil used are generally drawing oil that keeps the colors well intact for long years without letting them fade off. The oils used in the oil paints generally include poppy seed oil, safflower oil, walnut oil, or linseed oil. These paints are used to create some of the best oil paintings. Modernization of world had led to innovation in everything. The water miscible oil paints had also been developed. The water soluble oil paints contain emulsifiers. This helps the paint to get thinner when required by the artist.

History of Oil Painting

The oil painting is believed to be started in Buddhist period. The first few oil paintings were made by the Chinese and Indian painters in Western Afghanistan. They might have worked on them between fifth to tenth centuries. But this form of painting gained a good popularity in 15th century. The painting style was transferred to Europe and from Netherlands; the oil painting started gaining popularity. The oil painting techniques replaced the tempera paints that were used to paint in many parts of Europe. Oil paints then became the major means to create paintings and showcase the beautiful art work.

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Earlier these paintings were created on a wood piece and by the end of 15th century, the paintings started to be created on canvas. These oil paints were successful in tropical climate and the colors could retain themselves for longer period of time. The oil paintings again started spreading to different parts of the world and were spread all over the world by 18th century.

Ingredients of oil paints used in oil paintings

The oil paintings made use of oil in heir paints. The oil was extracted from different seeds and was mixed well to create an oil paint. Some of the popular ingredients of oil paints are:

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  • Linseed oil from the flax seed
  • Safflower oil
  • Walnut oil
  • Poppy seed oil

These days, the modern methods had made it possible to change the molecular structure of these oil paints and help these paints to be miscible with water. A newer oil paint had been created by modern sciences. It is a heat set oil paint that remains liquid until it is heated for 15 minutes at 135 degree Celsius. It is a never drying paint.

Oil Painting Essentials

Some of the different techniques of oil painting are mentioned below. You must have a look at them.

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  • Mixing oil paint with linseed oil, artists’ mineral spirit or other solvents for creating slow or fast drying paints.
  • The paint prepared must be thick so that the painting colors do not crack up after drying.
  • Use paints brush palette knifes and rags for oil painting
  • The oil paint will not dry by Evaporation, it will dry by Oxidation. It may take two to three weeks to dry up completely.

Tips for Oil Painting

Some of the best tips for oil painting are given below. You must follow them carefully.

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  • You must put up your oil pants in same order in the palette with time, so that you can pick color without actually looking down to the palette. This saves time and helps you to concentrate deeply on your painting.
  • The oil medium must be used to thicken up the layers of your oil painting. Do not use thinners. This may crack up the paint.
  • You must not use Ivory Black for sketching or for an under painting.
  • The pigments of oil colors must be mixed well
  • Do not dry your oil painting in dark. It will cause your painting to form a yellowish layer on sides
  • You can use linseed oil for under painting or painting the bottom layers.
  • Use alcohol or any powerful solvent for cleaning the oil brushes. These powerful solvents like alcohols can dissolve the oil paints easily and can clean of the brush. After it, wash it with water and dry it.
  • Do not add too much oil to your palette. This may lead to drying up of your oil.
  • You must spread the paint thinly and before applying another color with same brush, wash the brush with alcohol.

These were certain tips for oil painting that an artist needs to follow, if he/she wants to create an artistic painting that can attract the eyes of people.

Best Oil Paintings

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