15 Best Photography eBooks to start with

Photography is one of the most exponential hobbies among people of all age groups around the world. They love to capture the special moments of their life. For capturing the photographs you need not to be a photographer, but you should know how to operate the camera well and click a nice shot. This can be learnt through from some of the best photography eBooks by different photographers. Here is the list of top selling eBooks for the photographers to start with.

Best Photography eBooks1.1

Best Photography eBooks

Landscape Photography at Night by Alister Benn

Best Photography eBooks1

The photographs at night are really difficult to capture, but it has the potential of capturing stunning photographs.

  • This book is the guide to teach you clicking photos with refining techniques in night
  • The single and multiple frame methods are covered in this book

Craft & Vision 1 by Craft & Vision

Best Photography eBooks2

This is the book that is about writing and the photographs. You can learn a lot of things from this book.

  • The photographs and writings will inspire you and will take your photograph skills to new level
  • The book will be covering the topics like making pictures more dynamic and will surely refine your composition

Creative ReTouching Essential in a Day eBook

Best Photography eBooks3

If you don’t want to waste your time in retouching the photos through Photoshop and other photo editing tools then this book is made for you.

  • You will learn to operate few easy tools for photo retouching
  • It will help you in adding the beauty to the photographs easily

The 123 of Digital Imaging

Best Photography eBooks4

This book will teach you the digital photography through a visual and interactive guide having thousands of animations and graphics.

  • It is packed with good useful and practical information
  • It is the comprehensive photography training resource

Wedding Photography Secrets by Nick Smith

Best Photography eBooks4

This book contains just everything that a photographer needs to capture the photographs. It has 189 pages and will provide you different methods of capturing photographs.

Ten by David duChemin

Best Photography eBooks5

As the name suggests, this book contains 10 different techniques and ideas that can be used to improve your photography.

  • You will learn to take good photos without using high end camera
  • These techniques will teach you ways to take amazing photos

Portrait Tips and Techniques

Best Photography eBooks6

This book will teach you to simplify and fine tune essentials of quality portraiture. You will learn to use the facial recognition and the lighting techniques.

  • You will learn techniques for exposure and composition
  • It will demonstrate what to capture and how to capture

Understanding Post Processing

Best Photography eBooks7

This book is written by Mitchell Kanashkevich and contains only 37 pages. It makes you learn the post processing of the photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop. You will be able to produce striking images after reading this eBook.

Essential of Street Photography by James Maher

Best Photography eBooks8

Street Photography has a broader subject to cover with different styles and tactics.

  • It will make you learn different scenes
  • It focuses on equipment settings and other technical concepts in 141 pages

Before the Shutter: Planning Your Next Travel Photography Adventure by Anne McKinnell

Best Photography eBooks9

Everyone loves to travel and capture quality photographs. The travel photography is a great field to capture yourself with the assets of nature.

  • This book will teach you to capture captivating moments
  • You can explore more about travel photography

Extremely Essential Camera Skills

Best Photography eBooks10

This is the tutorial that will provide you exposure to different camera skills and settings and will make you understand different camera settings. You can learn to combine photos, text and videos all together.

Shooting Stars by Phil Hart

Best Photography eBooks11

This book focuses on capturing the stunning images at night. This is the technical form of photography that is covered wonderfully in this book. You can master on different styles by reading this book:

  • Night Sky Timelapse Videos
  • Star Trials
  • Night Sky Scenes
  • Twilight Landscapes
  • The moon

15 Incredible Bird Photography Tips for Beginners by Prathap

Best Photography eBooks12

This is one of the best eBooks for Photographers, who wish to capture beautiful creatures.

  • This book has 15 topics in 50 pages
  • It will teach you about camera settings, Rule of thirds, and few examples too

Trick Photography and Special Effects by Evan Sharboneau

Best Photography eBooks13

This eBook has 295 pages with instructions and have more than 300 photographs by some great photographers of the world.

  • You will learn to add effects to the photographs
  • It will make you professional photographer

Seeing the Light: Making the Most of Available Light and Minimal Equipment

Best Photography eBooks14

This book is written by Mitchell Kanashkevich and contains only 51 pages. This is the ideal book for the photographers who do not carry the light equipments with them.

  • It teaches you to create the atmospheric light effects in a single flash with help of natural light
  • It contains fantastic explanations and the diagrams for explaining lighting effects



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