15 Best SEO tools for Bloggers: Must Have!

When you are looking for maintenance of your blog or website then you might need the help of some tools that can provide you the reports of how your blog is performing. These are the SEO tools that have benefited many webmasters in the past and will continue to do so in future too. So here is the list of some best SEO tools for bloggers that they might have with them. These tools will definitely help them to enhance the blog performance and monitor how well the blog is doing.

Best SEO tools for Bloggers1.1

Best SEO tools for Bloggers

SEER SEO Toolbox

Best SEO tools for Bloggers1

It is a spreadsheet based tool that is based on analyzing the data from Twitter, Google Analytics, and other places and downloading it on single spreadsheet.

  • It provides you with different On-Page SEO Tools for analysis
  • You can share the online spreadsheet with your team and other people too

SEO Book Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers2

You just need to register for a free account on this website and get some free SEO tools for your website that will help you in tracking your website information. You can access tools like:

  • Keyword list generator
  • Link Suggestion checker
  • Server Header Checker
  • Meta Tag Generator

Virante SEO Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers3

This service provides you with number of free on-site SEO and off-site SEO tools. Some of the tools are like- Duplicate content tool, Pagerank Retrieval tool, Content Optimizer tool and much more.


Best SEO tools for Bloggers4

This is a SEO customized plugin that works wonderfully well on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers. It provides you valuable data like

  • Google Page Rank and Google Indexing
  • Keyword Density Reports
  • Yahoo backlinks Status
  • You can also generate page report of your website’s pages

Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers5

It is a free online SEO tool that is hosted on a website and includes the services like Search Combination Tool, Robots Text generator, Meta Tag Generator Tool, and Page Speed Tool.


Best SEO tools for Bloggers6

It is really simple and efficient web application that allows you to look at your website like a search engine.

  • You can also view the SEO of your blog efficiently
  • You can run this application from your iOS or Android device

Anchor Text over Optimization Report

Best SEO tools for Bloggers7

This is another efficient web service that is designed for scanning your blog and look through the over optimized anchor tags. This helps you to keep your blog protected from Google Algorithms.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Best SEO tools for Bloggers8

You can use this tool for checking the broken links on your site and can also be used for checking:

  • Gopher, emails links, FTP
  • Re-checks the links and SSL websites
  • This app will generate the reports of everything it will find with a sitemap

Google Keyword Planner

Best SEO tools for Bloggers9

This tool would have been used by every webmaster and will be continued to be used. It provides you detailed analysis about the searches for particular keywords with total number of searches and keyword competition.

Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool

Best SEO tools for Bloggers10

This tool can be used to optimize the met description and titles of your page. This tool produces the preview of Google SERPs.

  • You can determine that whether your meta keywords and description are of optimal length
  • You can also check how your post will look like on search engine

Majestic SEO

Best SEO tools for Bloggers11

This is one of the most powerful tools for SEO lovers and is loved by most of webmasters. It targets the links intelligence along with domain centered metrics.

  • It provides you tools like Backlink History provider, Keyword checker, Comparator, Clique Hunter, and Site Explorer
  • Some of the tools are available for free while some of them are paid

SEOgadget Tools

Best SEO tools for Bloggers12

It is also a free SEO tool that helps the bloggers o enhance the technicality of website. It provides different services like:

  • Content Policy Generator
  • Link Classification Tool
  • SEO gadget Tool
  • You can infer records in form of excel sheets just like Majestic SEO

Open Site Explorer

Best SEO tools for Bloggers13

This is a great tool to investigate through the backlinks of your website and also to the links f your rival’s website. It even provides you the domain rankings and page authority data.

  • You can get data of 200 backlinks in every report
  • You will get report in form of excel sheet and graphical data too

IIS SEO Toolkit

Best SEO tools for Bloggers14

It is the widespread toolkit that comes with Site Analysis, Robots Exclusion, Site Index, and Sitemaps modules.

  • You can edit, delete, and add the sitemaps using Sitemap and Site Index modules
  • Robots exclusion module helps you to allow or disallow paths
  • Site analysis module generates reports



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