Best Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website

Wedding is one of the best days of one’s life and can be made memorable for long time. Wedding is the meeting of two souls, which meet to become one after the wedding. Wedding can be made memorable by capturing photographs of the event and framing them in an album. One of the creative ways to showcase the wedding photos is to put them on the website. All of your relatives living in any part of the world can visit your website in order to view your wedding photos. Your wedding website must have a good look and feel and must be fast enough to load. Here are some tips to create wonderful wedding websites.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website1.1

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website

Go for a Wedding Website

It is a new way to create a showcase for your wedding photos. You must go for a wedding website so that many people can see your photos at the same time. You wedding website should display all the photos related to your wedding day and other special events of your life. Wedding website is important because:

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website1

  • If provides you a flexibility to show photos to your friends and relatives without going place to place. They can see the photos while sitting at home
  • Wedding website is much more cheaper than wedding album
  • You can moderate the photos before putting them on the website
  • You can add all the events held during your wedding and also some special occasion to your site

Choose a nice theme

A good wedding theme is very important for the wedding website. The theme of good wedding website must have:

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website2

  • Good responsive design
  • Sliders and slideshow view
  • Good loading speed
  • Elegant and creative design

Add Good Photos and All Photos

Make sure that the wedding website is filled with photos in an innovative manner. Say the designer to place the photos in an innovative manner. The designer of the website can add special effects to the photos and can alter it to his/her level.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website3

  • You must add all the photos to the wedding website
  • No photo should be missed
  • Add photos with slideshows date and time

Different types of photos can be added to a wedding website like-

  • Events one the ring ceremony
  • Events at the day of morning on different time
  • Your first day after wedding
  • Your honeymoon photos
  • Photos of your Kid’s birth and much more

Be a Perfect Storyteller

Each picture can have a small description written beside it describing about the picture and when it was clicked helping people to recall the memories even after the long time of wedding.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website4

  • You can add brief introduction to the photos
  • You can also include the story of your relation

Post the links and profiles of the registries

The wedding website can be made exiting if you post the social profiles of the people, who attended your marriage.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website5

  • It tells the people, who attended the marriage
  • It helps other relatives to connect with different people attending the wedding
  • You  can even put the names of people attended the wedding or allow the people to do it by their own

Add a musical Touch

To avoid the boredom, you should tell the designer to add a sweet soft music in the background, so that person viewing the photos alone does not get bored up.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website6

  • It will help people to enjoy listening music while watching the photos
  • This will remove the boredom of people

Add the necessary details about your wedding

The necessary details related to your wedding must be added to your wedding website. These details may be:

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website7

  • Name of wedded couple
  • Date of wedding
  • Place of wedding
  • Lists of events
  • Timings of the event
  • Gifts and other ceremonies

Showcase the videos too

Videos can help you help you to memorize the complete event in a great way as compared to the photographs. Videos can help you out to watch what actually happened on the wedding day. On a funny side, it helps in keeping track of all the people and what mischief they have done on the wedding day.

Tips to Create a Wonderful Wedding Website8

  • Videos can enhance the look of the website
  • Videos helps in recapturing the memories completely

Follow all the above mentioned tips carefully, if you want to create a good wedding website. A nice and great wedding website could be created with the help of professional in the field of website designing. So, it is always better to go with a good website designer to create your wedding website. This is one of the latest ways to showcase your photographs in a cost effective manner.



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