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12 Best Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming

Programming had emerged out to be the greatest fields for the students, who are coming up with some or the other professional course in programming. Moreover, with the rise of internet many people had started learning programming as they can take a lot of opportunities presented to the programmers online. If you wish to learn programming then here are some tools to learn basics of programming. You must learn programming from here, if you are a beginner.

Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 1.1

Best Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 1

It is an online learning system for the programming learners. It is especially designed for motivating the kids to decode their ingenious ideas to games and animated stories. Their creations can be shared over the web.

  • It makes use of visual programming that do not require any syntax but only block of codes is required for creating programs
  • For lifetime access you need to pay fee
  • It provides mobile puzzles, online paced courses, and summer camps too

Light Bot

Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 2

It is one of the best tools for younger students, who may not be able to learn complete programming efficiently. This application allows the users to control a robot with the help of programming using programming logics and commands. This makes the younger students to learn commands efficiently.

Code Monster

Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 3

This tool helps you to learn cool things about JavaScript and easy manner and is designed for kids by Greg Linden. He wanted his kids to learn coding and created this amazing tool. It is a type of WYSIWYG editor.

  • There are total of 59 lessons in this tool
  • You just need to click on speech bubble to move from one lesson to other
  • The lessons taught are really interactive
  • You can create colorful object using JavaScript and introduce parameters and variables
  • The errors would be caught and explained
  • You can pause and play the lessons anytime even for long hours


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 4

It says that ‘programming is designed for everyone’. You can teach the basics of programming to kid easily to kids using this tool.

  • This app is available for free on iPad
  • Kids can develop their own apps, games, animations, stories, and other interactive programs
  • Kids can just drag and drop the codes to create something innovative
  • Characters can be controlled by tilting, shouting, or shaking the iPad


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 5

This is the efficient tool for people, who believe that they are not ready to learn the programming and play with codes. This website encourages people, to create their own flash games and iOS that can be used in MAC or Windows PC.


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 6

You can control structures with help of different datatypes like arrays, words, and lists. Logo is one of the oldest programming languages that were created in 1967. This is popularly known for the implementation of Turtle Graphics.

  • It is taught to school students and also implemented in areas where 3D animations are needed
  • It can used to draw basic shapes and graphics


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 7

It is the programming language and an online community that is created and looked after by LifeLong Kindergarten group in MIT Media Lab.

  • Kids can create the animations, stories, and games online
  • The online community of scratch can be used to share the creations to the world and get appreciation


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 8

It is the unique programming sites that focus on individual users and make the students learn step by step lessons so that they can measure their own progress. They can communicate with their friends and also compete with them.


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 9

It teaches you about the object oriented concepts and different programmable scripts and is very similar to scratch. It runs in browsers and act as standalone programs.

  • It is available in various languages
  • It is open source
  • It was first developed at Apple


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 10

It is a 3D programming tool that allows you to create the animation for telling story, playing interactive video or do sharing on web.

  • It gives the basic exposure to kids related to object oriented programming
  • The students can learn to create animated movies and user friendly video games


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 11

This is the free downloadable programming language that is designed for kids to help them to start with programming. The child can progress easily with programming games, tips, and different challenges.


Tools to Learn the Basics of Programming 12

It is one of the best tools to learn about the flow of program from one step to other and also teaches you about programmable scripts.

  • You can drag and drop objects in its interface
  • It generates JavaScript at backend and the child need not to understand the syntax


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