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15 Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 2015

WordPress is a standout amongst the most utilized blogging stage which has use by in excess of 50 million sites. Bloggers as well as online magazine journalists, design picture takers, land businesspeople, corporate business big shots, all are similar to have their site on word press. This is on the grounds that word press is giving limitless scope of Word press Themes which can switch a normal online journal to entire new word press site.

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You should have Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 2015 to check the number of visitors on your website at the present time. And this kind of plugins also allow your visitors to check that how your website is growing and which affect the visitors mind positively.

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 2015

StatPress Reloaded

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20151

This plugin demonstrates to you constant measurements about your online journal. It gathers data about guests, insects, look catchphrases, nourishes, programs, OS and so on. Once the plugin Stat press has been enacted, it quickly begins to gather data. Utilizing Stat press Reloaded you can see your guests activities while they are surfing your website or check which are the favored pages, posts and classifications.

  • In the Dashboard menu you will discover the Stat press Reloaded page where you could find the measurements (review or nitty gritty).
  • Stat press Reloaded likewise incorporates a gadget you can add to a sidebar (or simple PHP code in the event that you can’t utilize gadgets. Stats Plugin

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20152 details plugin is an exceptionally basic and straight forward measurement plugin which demonstrates extremely fundamental data, for example, Referrer, Search motor terms and where individuals are going when they leave your page. This is all it is yet the best thing about this plugin is quick interface, simple entry and straightforwardness.

Traffic Counter Widget

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20153

Among helpful guest counter plugins, TCW tells you the amount of activity you have on your web journal.

  • It demonstrates the quantity of guests/hits/exceptional IPS in the previous 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.
  • It likewise demonstrates the quantity of clients that are right now on the web. Movement Counter Widget likewise offers dialect backing and programmed log erasure.

kStats reloaded

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20154

Utilizing kstats you can immediately see who’s going to your website, where they are originating from, be it an alternate site or one of the numerous prominent internet searchers, and considerably more. See up to the moment data on what number of remarkable guests you’ve gotten, what number of site hits they’ve brought about, including data on which crawlers are going to and indexing your Word press site.

PulseMap Visitor World Map

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20155

This helpful plugin permits you to show off your site guests on the world guide. It accompanies a guide gadget that you can put on the pages that you need to track.

  • The plugin lives up to expectations by letting you know the zone of guests.
  • Case in point, when individuals visit your web journal then their comparing territories on the hotness map gadget light up.


Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20156

Jetpack is a Word press plugin that supercharges your self-facilitated WordPress site with the amazing cloud force of

W3Counter Blog Stats

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20157

The authority Word press Blog Stats plugin makes incorporating W3counter with a WordPress encouraged toward oneself site simple.

  • The plugin includes W3counter’s continuous details to the Word press administrator dashboard.
  • It includes a sidebar gadget for incorporating the following code into the blog’s topic.

Pixelstats WordPress Plugin

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20158

Check each viewer and each page impression for each one article, regardless of how and where it is perused: pixelstats tracks perspectives of each one blog entry or page on a solitary article page as well as on every other page where the complete article is appeared the online journal front page, classification pages, output page, file pages and even RSS channels.

Search Meter

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 20159

On the off chance that you have a Search box on your website, Search Meter consequently records what individuals are looking for and whether they are discovering what they are searching for. Inquiry Meter’s administrator interface reveals to you what individuals have been scanning for in the last couple of days, and in the most recent week or month.

  • It additionally reveals to you which hunts have been unsuccessful. On the off chance that individuals look your web journal and get no results, they’ll likely go somewhere else.
  • With Search Meter, you’ll have the capacity to discover what individuals are hunting down, and provide for them what they need by making new posts on those subjects.

Populist for WordPress

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 201510

Populist permits you to track the ubiquity of your posts on social bookmarking locales reedit, stumble upon, and dig. At the point when Populist is enacted, a page is added to your dashboard giving the quantity of times a page has been spared or voted. That’s it in a nutshell.

Mechanic Visitor Counter

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 201511

Mechanic Visitor Counter is a valuable gadget that shows the guest counter and activity insights on WordPress.

  • You recently need to transfer and introduce the plugin and afterward initiate and drag the gadgets into your WordPress sidebar.
  • Some of its gimmicks incorporate Today Visitor, Total Visit, Who’s Online, Today Hits, IP Address Visitors, and a lot of people more.

Free Counter

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 201512

Here comes an alternate helpful counter and measurements plugin and gadget for Word press: Free Counter. This plugin accompanies no outer library reliance and spares timestamps, went to URL, alluding URL, IP locations, working frameworks, and can show the aggregate hits, novel hits and different measurements in your WordPress pages.

Traffic Manager

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 201513

Traffic Manager is among prevalent guest counter plugins for Word press clients. It helps you to think about the activity you have on your online journal.

  • It furnishes you with a robots channel; however you can likewise consider the programmed activity.
  • It is a valuable plugin to get to think about the essential subtle elements like checks pages went by, hits and exceptional IPs on your site and so on.

WP Slimstat

Best Traffic Counter WordPress Plugins for 201514

WP Slimstat is a basic however capable web examination program written in PHP. This plugin get up and running in seconds. Drill-down and channel information in any capacity you pick. You can bounce through a schedule and contrast results and any previous day, week, month or year.

  • Compress and other record following are likewise conceivable.
  • There is one incredible thing about this one of its kind WP Statistics plugin; there is an iPhone-streamlined interface accessible on the off chance that you are eager to check your details from your iPhone.



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