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Best & Unique Visual art Cutouts & Fashion illustrations by shamekhbluwi

Shamekh Bluwi is Jordan-based Fashion illustrator & architect,Whose love to art had made him unique and best in Fashion Illustrations and I am sure you will like his striking series of cutout illustrations and photographs mixed and taken in real locations give you a unique viewing experience for example that feature paper cutouts of women whose dresses can become literally anything. Not sure then have a look on attached and showcased photos of Best & Unique Visual art Cutouts & Fashion illustrations by shamekhbluwi

Shamekh’s sketches are completed with the patterns and scenery he encounters in his everyday life, through an in-depth pictorial montage of his incredible signature work.

To find out more about him and follow his follow, please have a look on his Instagram and Facebook profile

at MTV

beautiful tiles islamic art titles

cola time

everyday life


hope you dance

love of nature

nature calling

nature view from my glasses




river background

throwback cutout

town view

town_view 2

While the sun sets

Amsterdam as a backdrop

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