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50 Best Wedding photos of 2015; A Romantic Beginning of Life Adventure

Your wedding isn’t the end, it’s the beginning of a huge life adventure & Romance. Photographers fallen in love with travelling and photographing couples wherever they are, and with the people they care most about. It should be a perfect memorable event with lots of memories captured in the form of photograph’s.

Junebug Weddings recently announced the 50 award-winning entries of the 50 Best Wedding photos of 2015; A Romantic Beginning of Life Advanture — the oldest and most popular wedding photograph contests in the world. The eighth edition of the competition received over 10,000 entries from 45 countries, which were scanned closely by Junebug and its panel of three world-renowned photographers — Erika and Lanny Mann of Two Mann Studios, and Roberto Panciatici. You can see the 50 stunning winners here.

It is important that couples are photographed in a real and authentic way; in the simpleness of sharing a meal with friends, or the freedom in backpacking across country with nothing but the essentials and great company. These are memories that you want to hold on to forever —they aren’t perfect, they’re usually full of raw, messy emotion; laughter, tears… but they are full of the people you care about and the experiences you want to look back on. These memories form your legacy, they become a part of who you are.

And that’s what the wedding photography is all about: you and the relationships and the people you care about —real love, real people on this wild ride together. So get busy living, make amazing memories and let photographer’s help you make an incredible record of the most amazing time in your relationship together.

50 Best Wedding Photos of 2015

we have organized photos as we like but no one is number one or last number as all of them are the best of the best wedding photos of 2015.

1. Jordan Voth Photography

a portrait & wedding photographer based out of Seattle, WA. His work speaks louder then words, please follow the link below to see more +


Photograph by Jordan Voth, To know more, visit Junebug Weddings’ website.

2. Michelle Phillips/Patina

the formula for a great wedding is simple: find a cool spot out in nature, grab your best friends and family, declare your love for each other, and then party! When we see people opening up and letting those emotions flow, it inspires us to do our best work. see more +

Photograph by Michelle Phillips/Patina

3. Komang Diktat


Photograph by Komang Diktat

4. Ed Peers


Photograph by Ed Peers

5. Cheese N Click Photography


Photograph by Hendra Lesmana/Cheese N Click

6. Tim Millen/This Modern Love


Photograph by Tim Millen/This Modern Love

7. Komang Diktat


Photograph by Komang Diktat

8. Sansom Photography


Photograph by Chris Sansom/Sansom

9. Angelo Belvedere


Photograph by Angelo Belvedere

10. Jim Pollard goes click


Photograph by Jim Pollard

11. The Wayfarers Photography


Photograph by Brea Marie and Alexander Lefler/The Wayfarers

12. Kama Catch Me Photography


Photograph by Ropate Kama/Kama Catch Me

13. Nordica Photography


Photograph by Cole Roberts/Nordica

14. Jesse van Kalmthout fotografie


Photograph by Jesse van Kalmthout

15. Jim Pollard goes click


Photograph by Jim Pollard

16. Plus One


Photograph by Peter Lee/Plus One

17. Fer Juaristi


Photograph by Fer Juaristi

18. Look Fotografia


Photograph by Vinny Labella/Look Fotografia

19. Ed Peers


Photograph by Ed Peers

20. David y Oriana


Photograph by David Alarcon/David y Oriana

21. Dina Chmut Photography


Photograph by Dina Chmut

22. Fer Juaristi


Photograph by Fer Juaristi

23. Rahul Khona/F5


Photograph by Rahul Khona/F5

24. Dan O’Day


Photograph by Dan O’Day

25. Chris+Lynn Photographers & Associates


Photograph by Chris Jaksa/CHRIS+LYNN

26. Jennifer Moher Photography


Photograph by Jennifer Moher

27. The Apartment Photography


Photograph by Cat McDowell/The Apartment

28. Amanda Basteen


Photograph by Amanda Basteen

29. Shari + MIke Photographers


Photograph by Mike Vallely/Shari + Mike

30. Twisted Oaks Studio

Twisted Oaks is a combination of two very successful studios, Two Fifteen Photography which was run by JD, and Cass Imaging which was run by Jay & his wife Sandi.  In 2015, we decided to combine forces to create something truly one of a kind.  We tell your story with ninja like photojournalistic skills through the first part of the day and when it’s time for portraits, we do whatever it takes to create the image we envision for you, our client. Whether it be army crawling through sand traps or wading into a bay, all that matters is creating incredible artistic imagery for you!  During the reception, well, we aren’t done yet, we love to get in the mix so when you look back at your party it feels like you’re reliving it all over again.  In the end, we just love what we do and we our forever grateful to all of our couples for allowing us to tell their stories and be a part of their days!


Photograph by JD Land/Twisted Oaks

31. Phan TIen Photography


Photograph by Phan TIen

32. Christian Lee Photography


Photograph by Christian Lee

33. Aparat Photography


Photograph by Jakub Fabijanski/Aparat

34. Matt Lien


Photograph by Matt Lien

35. Jordan Voth Photography


Photograph by Jordan Voth

36. Elizabeth Lloyd Photography


Photograph by Elizabeth Fladung/Elizabeth Lloyd

37. Jacob Loafman


Photograph by Jacob Loafman

38. Addison Jones photography


Photograph by Addison Jones

39. Gabe McClintock


Photograph by Gabe McClintock

40. Alex Beckett Photography


Photograph by Alex Beckett

41. Tito Rikardo/Theuppermost


Photograph by Tito Rikardo/Theuppermost

42. Danny Dong Photography


Photograph by Danny Dong

43. Gabe McClintock


Photograph by Gabe McClintock

44. Dylan M Howell Photography


Photograph by Dylan M Howell

45. People Producciones


Photograph by Daniel Alonso/People Producciones

46. Thanasiskaiafas


Photograph by Thanasis Kaiafas

47. Amanda Basteen


Photograph by Amanda Basteen

48. Bradford Martens


Photograph by Bradford Martens

49. Danelle Bohane


Photograph by Danelle Bohane

50. Thanasiskaiafas


Photograph by Thanasis Kaiafas


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