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Top 15 Best WordPress Chat Plugins to go with

WordPress is a blogging stage that is utilized by numerous website developers to create their own website. WordPress plugins are the most unbelievable expansion to the WordPress platform. A plug-in can convert a common website page into a high performing social and business system buzzing adding lots of wonderful features to the WordPress blog.

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WordPress offers various subjects and layouts for streamline site creation. WordPress creators have created a large plug-in base for the WordPress users. There are more than 15000 plugins that can be used by different users on their WordPress blogs. Many plugins are accessible to the users easily from the official site of WordPress. After the plugins are installed on your site, you can simply forget about them and they will do their work sincerely.

User engagement on WordPress can also be improved using Best WordPress chat plugins. So here is the list of top 20 WordPress chat plugins to go with. You can have a good look over it and choose the right chat plugin for your blog.

Best WordPress Chat Plugins

FlexyTalk – Live Chat

Best WordPress Chat Plugins1

If you want to boost your conversation then installing Flexy talk plugin is a great decision. It is cloud based plugin that is used to integrate WordPress with the IM apps you are currently using. Different features of the FlexyTalk are:

  • It can be used with any IM
  • It supports multiple live chats
  • It is cloud based
  • Sends the offline messages Mini Messenger

Best WordPress Chat Plugins2 is the plugin that includes the JavaScript code Jabber/XMPP for the WordPress. It is similar to facebook and includes several facebook chat like features.

WP Symposium Social Network Plugin

Best WordPress Chat Plugins3

This plugin can turn the WordPress website into a social network, as it provides activity forum similar to Facebook. It includes the member directory, notification panel, private mail, chat window, social widgets, profile page, activity alerts, Groups, RSS feed, Events and much more. One can turn WordPress website to social network by:

  • Downloading and installing WordPress
  • Now, install WP Symposium

Quick Chat

Best WordPress Chat Plugins4

It is a self facilitated WordPress talk plugin that supports private visit, visit rooms, avatars, client rundown, words sifting, similes, storing plugins and much more.

Live Chat – Casengo

Best WordPress Chat Plugins5

Live Chat Casengo is a Customer Support Software from the Cloud and its first User is always free. The plugin permits you to add live Chat to your online journal or site rapidly and effectively.

HTML5 Online CHAT ROOM Widget

Best WordPress Chat Plugins6

HTML5 Online CHAT ROOM Widget can be superbly incorporated with Facebook and twitter. A site manager can pick their own particular talk topic from a mixture of instant subjects and can even create their own particular subject. It is the quickest approach to include utilitarian chatroom to any website.

WordPress Live Chat Plug-in

Best WordPress Chat Plugins7

It provides several facilities and features to the user:

  • Onetime fee
  • Open source
  • Clean code
  • Create your operator
  • Chat logs
  • Visitors are able to fill their contact
  • Email notification

BuddyPress Group Tiny chat

Best WordPress Chat Plugins8

It creates a chat room for every BuddyPress site and only holds the characters, number or spaces in gathering name.

  • Download and transfer this plug-in to your WordPress site
  • Make a new gathering and click empower bunch tiny chat
  • The chat window will be created

Formilla Live Chat

Best WordPress Chat Plugins9

You can introduce live talk to your WordPress site by installing this plugin. It offers a clean and simple user interface to the guests or your website’s visitors.

Free WordPress Live Chat by OggFlow

Best WordPress Chat Plugins10

Live Chat by Oggflow is a client help programming service that helps your work area suite. Your first client fee is always free!


Best WordPress Chat Plugins11

You can add talk to your web journal using this plugin. Visit with your followers and let them talk with one another.

Chat X

Best WordPress Chat Plugins12

This plug-in helps the user to chat with customers on their website for support and sale. Features included are:

  • New design
  • Advanced control
  • Core renewed
  • Grab visitor
  • Works on WP
  • Auto update
  • Unlimited chats
  • Multi operators
  • Secure

Video Chat Plug-in

Best WordPress Chat Plugins13

Video chat is a very adaptable feature talk programming plugin that could be introduced on your site. Some of the best services offered by this plugin are backings, rooms, arbitrators, private messages, open and private feature talk, and so on.

Acobot Live Chat & Contact Form

Best WordPress Chat Plugins14

This plugin incorporates two characteristics in your site that work for the same reasons: To wow your site guests and transform them into purchasing clients.

  • Smart Contact Form
  • Live Chat Robot

WP ChatBlazer

Best WordPress Chat Plugins15

Install a chatroom on WordPress pages and present it in form of shortcode. Several features of this plugin are:

  • Host your chatroom on your web journal for a fun and intuitive user experience
  • Simple to utilize interface permits
  • You can talk by sending texts, and can also impart different varieties of media including pictures, YouTube features, and whiteboard drawings



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