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15 Best WordPress Forum Plugins for Websites

Despite being the popular blogging platform, WordPress is a powerful CMS to setup a good website. A forum can be created using WordPress as platform. The WordPress plugins are efficient enough to create the forum on WordPress blog. Here is a list of best WordPress forum plugins to turn your blog into a forum. You must try them.

Best WordPress Forum Plugins1.1

Best WordPress Forum Plugins

Forum Press

Best WordPress Forum Plugins1

It is renowned WP Forum Server that provides you forum system. It is available for free as well as in premium version. Some of its great features are:

  • Unlimited forums and categories
  • SEO friendly URLs
  • It is very easy to get started
  • You can move, edit, delete, post or topics


Best WordPress Forum Plugins2

This is a type off question answer discussion board that offers some great options with admin menu. It is a fully theme-able template.

  • You can include ability to comment easily on question answers
  • There are no widgets
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand AnsPress

Smart bbPress nVerify

Best WordPress Forum Plugins3

This plugin is especially created for the authors, who wish to sell their products via Envato Marketplace. Users need to be careful while using this plugin, rest all is simple.

Cinnamon Boards

Best WordPress Forum Plugins4

It is a WordPress plugin that has got a responsive structure and uses the custom post types. You can integrate this plugin to theme without making it loose its functionality.


Best WordPress Forum Plugins5

This is an elegant and simple forum plugin which is highly compatible with WordPress. It is the interface that is very similar to WordPress. Some of the benefits of using bbpress are:

  • It can be integrated with your WP admin panel
  • It is created of WordPress
  • It workd well with BuddyPress
  • It integrates along your page templates and existing design

WP Symposium

Best WordPress Forum Plugins6

It is a social network provider and its free version provides tremendous forum functionality. You can implement it as a simple shortcode on the page.

  • Email notifications are available for every forum
  • A menu is available for activities
  • Front end is easily accessible and 2 widgets provide listing of recent posts

Group Forums

Best WordPress Forum Plugins7

It is a lightweight and powerful plugin to add groups and you can maintain unlimited forums using it. Only members of the group can post and reply to the topic.

Bublaa Embeddable Forum

Best WordPress Forum Plugins8

It is another free WordPress forum plugin that adds the real time discussions to the blog and you can create a discussion community on it. Some of its great features are:

  • It has rich interface providing rich text, video, pictures, email notification etc.
  • You can enter the forum through social login too
  • All comments are announced in public networks

CM Answers

Best WordPress Forum Plugins9

It is a type of question answer discussion board. It is available in free and also in pro version. It has got a user friendly interface.

  • Pro version provides features like widgets, shortcodes, attachments, social media integration, and much more
  • It provide you full text editor and multisite support too


Best WordPress Forum Plugins10

This is the type of WordPress user feedback plugin that can provide you platform to share, discuss, and vote your ideas with the users. You can even receive the feedback from the user.

Talki Embeddable Forums

Best WordPress Forum Plugins11

This WordPress forum plugin is available for free and is one of the easiest ways to integrate message board, discussion board to your blog. Some good features of this plugin are:

  • Easy to use admin panel
  • You can make announcements at top of the forum
  • It supports embedding of image, video, or flash to site
  • Members can share the topics among each other

Simple Press

Best WordPress Forum Plugins12

It is an easy to use WordPress Forum plugin that can be integrated with WP registration or login to allow users to manage WP accounts using forums. Its features include:

  • Comprehensive admin panel
  • Strong user group and permission system
  • It creates the SEO friendly permalinks
  • Custom description and keywords


Best WordPress Forum Plugins13

It is a forum plugin that comes with user friendly interface and you can setup this plugin within 5 minutes. It has got a lightweight framework. You are integrated with social networks in forums using this plugin.

Vanilla Forums

Best WordPress Forum Plugins14

Vanilla Forums is the open source software that can provide you a powerful community solution. Some of the great features you can access while using this plugin are:

  • It has got superb forum options with advanced features
  • It is used in number of websites
  • It has lots of interactive plugins
  • It offers widgets for your WordPress
  • You can place the forum on any existing page using embedded code

WP Pro Forum System

Best WordPress Forum Plugins15

This system allows you to add the forum to your website. You can create the forum on front end too. The admins can manage the topics, posts, replies, categories etc with ease.



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