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4 Bold Hair Color ideas to Try This Summer

One of the easiest and most popular ways to change your whole look is to change your color. Choice of right hair color should be done wisely as hair color is a long term deal.  If you are trying the dye for the first time, then choose the color closer to your original hair color but if you are brave enough to try something different, then have a look at some of the bold and edgy hair color ideas that are a hot trend this year to try in this summer.

Vivid Bold hair color can be beautiful depending your skin tone, but it’s require high-look after! Before you decide for bold Red, Ocean blue, Orange and Gray hair colour. make sure they’re educated on proper color protection:

  1. Gray Color Trend aka #GrannyHairs

Gray color is not the color for old people anymore. A lot of women are switching to grey hair color shades and they no doubt look amazing. This is a really challenging and unique hairstyle to try so you have to stay brave if you want to try this. Give the gray some dimension and depth so that it doesn’t look like your gray hair color is like your granny’s hair.

Note: Use color-protecting shampoos to prolong color vibrancy.

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.0

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.1

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.2

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.3

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.4

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.5

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.6

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.7

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.8

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.10

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.11

Gray Color Trend GrannyHair1.110

Gray Hair Color 01

Gray Hair Color 02

Gray Hair Color 03

Gray Hair Color 04

Gray Hair Color 05

Gray Hair Color 06

Gray Hair Color 07



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