6 Chic Ways To Wear Bright Tights

One popular bottom trend to get chic looks that is really popular along with the leggings are the bright tights. They are warm, vibrant and they can easily add pop of color to your outfit. However bright leggings are a little tricky to wear the right way so have a look at some of the beautiful ways to wear bright leggings the right way.

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   1. With Patterns:

Bright tights look amazing with the patterns. For example a pair of blue or red tights will look amazing with a plaid dress or printed skirt.
However you can also go for other options such as pinstripes, polka dots and other crazy prints with the bright tights. Remember to keep on experimenting for a perfect look.

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   2. Professional:

One great way to wear bright colored tights is to them to work. You do not have to worry about the bright and shocking appearance of tights as long as you do not overdo the look with other bright colors. Mix your formal dressing with colored tights to look stylish and sophisticated at the same time. How about a conservative suit paired with the bright tight? Two recommended colors for work are slate grey and teal as they are stylish and professional too.

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   3. Keep Them For Day Time:

Bright colored tights do not look perfect in the evening. To make your tights stand out, make sure you wear them during the day with shining sun at the top. Wearing bright tights during the evening will make you look like a spoiled kid who is going home after heavy clubbing. For evenings, go for the subdued and darker shades of tights and you will look perfect.

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   4. With Shorts:

This look is getting popular but it doesn’t really mean it will look good on anyone. So make sure you are daring enough to try it. Make sure you try it at home with different colors and patterns and see which looks better. Make sure you choose the tights and shorts in contrast as wearing same color won’t look good.

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   5. Choose The Right Shoes:

This is also very important when wearing bright tights. Make sure you avoid wearing patterned shoes as this might make you look overdone. Stick with the solid colors such as black and white. If you want colorful shoes, then make sure you do not look odd with too much of colors.

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These are some classic tips to wear bright tights. Have a look at some chic examples mentioned below.

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bright pink color tight outfit

bright pink tights and gree polka dot dress


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