Building the Bridge: Staying Connected with Your Customers by Using Free QR Codes

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Quick response (QR) codes are currently being used by brands and companies around the globe in order to effectively promote their products and services to prospective and existing customers and clients. Since they were first invented almost two decades ago, QR codes have found their way into different types and forms of marketing and advertising.

However, in recent years, there has been an increased response to these codes primarily because of the growing popularity of using mobile devices to shop online for products and services. It is clear that QR codes can essentially bridge the gap between a company’s offline media and their online media, therefore maximizing exposure and increasing their conversion rate throughout the year. This is done in a number of different ways (image via shutterstock).

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They Link Offline Marketing Materials

More than likely you currently use an abundance of traditional marketing materials to increase your exposure and reach out to as many prospective customers and clients as possible. Such materials as flyers, business cards, posters and postcards have absolutely nothing to do directly with your company’s online presence or Internet marketing campaign. However, when you use free QR codes to bridge the gap, these images can be printed directly on these materials in order to create that connection (image via shutterstock).

For example, you can have a stylish QR code printed on the back of your traditional business card. This is a great idea, because it allows you to establish a point of contact with your prospective clients and customers by offering your business card while also giving them the opportunity to become directly linked to your selected online content with just a quick scan from their mobile device.

Connect Customers to Your Social Media Profiles

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Another benefit of using free QR codes to promote your business efficiently and enhance your overall marketing campaign is the ability to connect your generated images directly to your social media profiles and brand pages. For example, you may have been able to deliver some interesting information about an upcoming promotion or sale through the text of your QR code. Consumers who scan the image in the first place can now use your social media links to share this information with their own online friends as well, providing you with a whole new batch of warm leads to work with once their interest in your products and services spikes (image via shutterstock).

Enhance Educational Materials with Online Videos

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If you already have a vast collection of educational materials and informative products that you have offered to your existing clients and prospective customers, using free QR codes will allow you to take things just a little farther than you ever thought was possible in the past. For example, say that you currently have a brochure that focuses primarily on how to use a specific product that you have available for sale within your expanding catalog. You can generate a QR code for this particular product that will link your customers directly to an online video where you are able to physically demonstrate how to properly use the product (image via shutterstock).

A Higher Level of Interaction


Using free QR codes to enhance your marketing strategies will also allow you to stay connected with your customers and clients. These codes will remind your target audience that you are truly there for them and want to make sure they have all of the information and resources they need to make an informed purchasing decision. Using these codes wisely will allow you to maximize your exposure as well as the level of active engagement and interaction that your customers have with your company (image via shutterstock).

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