Calgary Farmer’s Market | Open All Summer

These very well executed ads for Calgary Farmer’s Market made me smile. Love the idea! The campaign was designed as a compliment to the ‘Open all summer’ series. How do you maintain people’s interest in a farmers’ market during the cold days of Alberta’s winter?
The Calgary Farmers’ Market is taking a humorous approach with a series of radio spots. Each of the three ads uses a word association quiz, and no matter what winter word the announcer uses, the response is always something sold at the Calgary Farmers’ Market – from blueberries to crepes. Each ad ends with: “When you think winter, think Calgary Farmers’ Market.”
The campaign, from Calgary’s WAX, also uses billboards featuring summer creatures like a snail, a worm and a caterpillar. To emphasize the fresh offerings of the market even in winter, each creature is on a fresh piece of fruit though it is also prepared for winter. The worm, for example, is wearing a toque and carries a ski and pole in its mouth.
The ads launched last week and continue into 2009.

Farmers’ Market Fresh in Marketing Magazine