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Best Microsoft Office Alternatives1.3

Top 15 Best Microsoft Office Alternatives

While many people believe that they are bounded into Microsoft Word for their document creation needs, it simply isn’t true. There are many alternatives to the costly application by Microsoft, most of which are free. These tools provide very similar functionality like Microsoft office and most of them can work on your PC and mobile

Best Keep Calm Generator and Apps1.1

Top 12 Best Keep Calm Generator and Apps

Keep calm poster generator has created a huge buzz in apps world. You can create different keep calm posters and memes and share it on social sites. Let us have a glance at the top keep calm generator and apps. You will get some posters really professional made by yourself, and of course you will

Best SEO tools for Bloggers1.1

15 Best SEO tools for Bloggers: Must Have!

When you are looking for maintenance of your blog or website then you might need the help of some tools that can provide you the reports of how your blog is performing. These are the SEO tools that have benefited many webmasters in the past and will continue to do so in future too. So

Best Free Wireframing Tools1.1

15 Best Free Wireframing Tools for Web Developers

If you are a developer than you need to understand things about mockup and the wireframing tools. These are some of the versatile tools that are important when it comes to communication of prototype’s usability with the functionality of the client. There are number of tools available over the web. Here is the list of

Best Mind Mapping Tools for Designers 1.1

18 Best Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

Mind Mapping is a capable, visual manifestation of note-taking that gives the way to opening the capability of the mind. Mind Mapping has attained tremendous worldwide prevalence through its shifted application in the fields of training and business and in supporting self-awareness. As of not long ago, Mind Mapping was basically a paper-based intuition device