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Top 10 security wordpress must be have in your site

Top 10 security wordpress must be have in your site

Top 10 security wordpress must be have in your site WordPress is a blogging platform, excellent website. In fact, it is the system’s most popular web design today with the large number of strong support functions and ease of use. Which web security issues are also of concern and continuous improvement to protect the best


10 web tools Responsive web design assistance effective

As demand for responsive web design, then learning this new field is necessary for the web designer. However, construction design difficult and complex responsive than the conventional websites. Therefore, the search for useful web tools to support responsive web design is essential and important. With the proliferation of mobile devices, responsive web design is an


Top 10 Magento SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fundamental component to running an online business and is probably the most important form of marketing online. Using SEO makes your site visible to search engines so those engines can rank you properly – preferable high on the first page. The following ten items are suggestions to use within


So Many Watches, Not Enough Faces – Apple Watch

Customers have been waiting for a while for their favorite tech giant, Apple, to release its latest gadget, the long awaited Apple Watch. The release has finally happened, and the watch has sold out in a flash – selling more units in a day than the total Android Wear sales of last year. But many