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To look Chic! Stylish Ways To Wear Flip Flops in this Summer

Warm weather is here and it means you have to pack up all the essentials needed for winters and swap them with the lighter and cool pieces that will keep you comfy as well as stylish during the summers. Flip-flops are something that cannot be ignored in summers. Some people avoid wearing flip flops because of their casual look. Have a look at some of the stylish ways to wear flip flips and look chic in summers.

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  1. With Basic Tee And Jeans:

Spring is just the right time to adopt your basic t-shirt and boyfriend jean combo and if you want to dress down to a more casual and comfy look, then you can always pair this outfit with classic and comfy flip flops instead of flats and heels that can be hard to wear throughout the day.

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  1. Dressed Up:

If you are afraid that your flip flops will make you look sloppy if you wear them outside the house then wear them with some kind of dress. It can either be a maxi or a skirt. This trick will help in making you look international with the flip flops and you will not look like you just forgot wearing shoes.

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  1. With Shorts:

This is yet another interesting way to wear you flip flops. Show some legs in summers by pairing your flip flops with a denim short and a tank top. This is a perfect casual outfit for days where you just want to take a walk around the city.

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  1. With Tights:

The combination of tights or leggings with flip flops is something that almost every woman with laidback vibe loves. This combination will keep you comfortable during hot days of summer and it also looks very cute.

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  1. With Maxi Skirt:

To adopt something stylish and chic with a little touch of bohemian vibe, pair your favorite and comfy flip flops with maxi skirts. It is a great combo and can be picked for the street style looks and also for the beaches.

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  1. With LBDs:

Yes this is right. If you are searching for a way to wear your LBD in a street style, then pair it with flip flops and you will look amazing. They will easily dress down the classy look of your LBD and will create a balanced look.

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