Clear Heating System Review

Clear Heater System from Logicor is a combination of innovative elements that, when used together make the concept of the ‘integrated home’ a reality today. Recently, I’ve become aware of some striking claims being made for electric radiant heating. In general I don’t review products on my blog but after the test installation now I can say this product is really revolutionary, elegant and Smart with 20 years of warranty. Amazing and unbelieveable.

More than Heating

Our Clear Heater Panels use pulsed electricity and infrared heat to minimise energy use while still heating the objects in your home environment. Our system is a real replacement for existing gas and electric heating systems and needs no plumbing, boiler or complex wiring. Installation is easy; just plug in and start saving and if you want to know more about central heatting system explained then follow the link..

Summary & Specification

The Clear Heating System is an all-electric phased infrared radiant heating system using patented technology.
The heaters have a very thin carbon ceramic heating element sandwiched between two sheets of toughened glass with a mica insert to minimise rear facing heat loss. Clear Heaters look like a sheet of coloured glass, they never need painting and can be wiped hygienically clean with a cloth.

clear heater system review

Energy Savings

You don’t need to sit in the cold to save energy. Our patented technology has been proven to save substantial energy compared to using typical electric or gas central heating systems. Provided you run the CHS system at the same temperatures and for the same length of time as you previously ran your old heating system, we expect you to save at least 50% on your heating energy bills and in some case much more. This is based on comparative data from our customers that shows an average saving on heating bills of at least 50% and in some cases more.
How much could you save? …

Health Benefits

It has been suggested that infrared heating can help activate the blood circulation, some say it alleviates joint pain, others say it dissipates blood stasis, whilst others claim it helps relax nervous tension or even decrease body fat.

More Health Benefits

Watch our videos showing how to install a Clear Heater unit, see a system in use at our office, or watch one of the many performance tests we put the heater units through during its development.

Quality & Guarantee

We are so confident in our Clear Heater System that we guarantee the heater panels for 20 years from the original date of installation giving you a lifetime of savings with peace of mind.

more than Hot Water

Logicor’s InLine Hot Water System is powered by electricity to provide hot water on demand and is designed to replace your existing water boiler and storage tank in your home.

The system has an A-rated efficiency rating and you have full cost control when used with the Control Panel. When combined with Logicor’s Clear Heater System room heaters it will remove the need for gas in your home altogether.

Control at your fingertips

Our busy lives mean that we often multitask and run our lives on the go. The Clear Heater System responds to this by giving you several options to monitor and use not only your heater systems but other services bundled with our advanced hardware.

more Control

The control panel is the ‘brain’ of the Clear Heater System and puts you back in control of your heating budget.

Simply plug in your control panel and Clear Heater units to a standard wall socket and they are ready to communicate with each other using the electrical mains wiring in your home.

more Integration

Our next generation heaters make the “Integrated Home” concept a reality of today. Our new Clear Heater System room heaters have integrated surround sound speakers, microphone, camera and video display.

Combined with Logicor’s App Services on your mobile or tablet you have amazing features starting as little as £1 per month; a fraction of the cost of buying individual services elsewhere.
App Services include for example a baby monitor, monitored burglar alarm, whole house music system, heater calling and much much more…. the list keeps growing.

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