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80+ Bright Color Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoos that are unique and meaningful are always loved by trendy people and gaining more popularity among youngsters. Nowadays, color tattoo design is the new field of creativity in the world of tattoo art and is on huge demand. There is no doubt in saying that color tattoos are considered as a spectacular form of body art from past so many years with the continuous creation of different designs and styles on short intervals.

Generally, tattoos are treated as a reflection of a person’s personality and image in the society, but the most difficult thing about the tattoos is the selection of design, color and the perfect place where the tattoo can be inked successfully. When the question of choosing a right tattoo style comes, there are a huge number of designs that can really make you stand apart from the crowd and you will be complemented for your ultimate style by everyone.

Here, we present some amazing color tattoo designs for both boys and girls that may inspire you and you can easily impress all of your friends this time.

Candy Tattoo Design

Candy Tattoo Design

Candy tattoos serve as one of the good ways to show your sweet nature to the outside world. These type of tattoos are uncommon and it’s really fun to get them inked anywhere on the body. This type of bright and vibrant color tattoo design reflects cute side of a girl’s personality and grab’s everyone attention. One of the popular forms of candy design is the shape of a cupcake.

Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Design

Bunny Rabbit Tattoo Design

When you are small, you must have heard the name of bunny rabbit in the fairy tales. It’s because rabbits, seems to have a strong connection with the fantasy world and angels.

A little cute bunny rabbit tattoo symbolizes women’s intelligence, loving and good nature towards the other people of this shameless world.
Bunny tattoo designs are more artistic in look and variety of color techniques can be used for designing superb looking bunny tattoos.

Baby Footprint Tattoo Design


You can share best moment and experience of your life by getting baby footprint tattoo inked on your body just for your baby and to make him/her extremely happy. The tattoo shows how the newborn’s footprints were at the time of birth and looks graceful, if inked with different dark colors.

Tree Tattoo Design

tree tattoo design

Tree Tattoos are undoubtedly are one of the most popular color tattoo design.

These tattoos are a symbol of positivity, strength, purity, wisdom and life.
They are generally preferred by the people in the form of cherry blossom trees. The shades of green and brown are used to design these tattoos, with their branches stretching outwards.
The tattoo looks great on your upper back.

Key Tattoo Design

Key Tattoo Design

Key tattoos are quite famous among girls. If you believe in simplicity and want to show your personality in a subtle way, this is the best style to choose. A key tattoo design symbolizes optimism and love towards your beloved. Meaning, there are various options that come your way throughout your life, some are bad and some are good, you have to close the old chapters of your life and start your life with a new beginning. These tattoos are generally inked in the Victorian style.

Wings Tattoo Design


The wing tattoo design looks absolutely cool on shoulder blades stretching downwards towards the lower back area.

In general, wings tattoos are preferred by women who are more feminine in nature.
This type of color tattoo design comes in different patterns and gives you a feeling of comfort.

Color Tattoo Design Examples

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.22 Geometric

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.13 lion

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.14 gorilla

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.15 deer

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.16 caroline

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.17 time lapse

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.19 parrot

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.19 wooden mask

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.20 geometric

Color Tattoo Design Ideas1.21 rose and quote

color tattoo designs (1)

color tattoo designs (2)

color tattoo designs (3)

color tattoo designs (5)

color tattoo designs (6)

color tattoo designs (8)

color tattoo designs (9)

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