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Compilation of Top 10 Film Marquee Font Styles

Marquee is a family of two fonts, containing both faceted and solid characters which can be layered to effect 3D, dimensional and translucent marquee-style typography, allowing for the creation of headlines reminiscent of classic theater and motion picture marquee signage. As a huge fan of Movie Posters I am often taken aback by some of the truly amazing typography the designers spurn out. All typography starts with a font (most of the time anyway). That’s why we have compiled top 10 film Marquee font styles to inspire you and leave any suggestions or feedback in the comments below.

Road Movie Fonts

History has shown us that there are certain font styles that give us an image of an old movie house marquee. If you are looking for an old school twist on your own theater or are simply decorating your basement to resemble a filmic atmosphere, check out some of these designs.

Download Fonts: road_movie

Linotype Dharma Regualar

This one is great because it literally looks like the abstract patterns of asphalt. Road movies are one of the most beloved forms of cinema because they exuded complete abandonment from conformity.

Nicks Fonts

This linotype institutes a blocky text weight along with double stripes for the H and O, something that could have easily been found on posters advertising for RKO pictures in the ’30s. There are some basic flares with this serif font, but not-so-basic ones with select letters like B and R.

Beauty School Dropout

This typeface shows remnants of the silent era of film and is very elegant in its curvature and thickness. It’s probably best used sparingly because of its randomly encased compartments, especially those of the A and E.

Download Fonts: beauty_school_dropo


This one would fit in well with film noir as a kind of back-alley grittiness. Dick Tracy would be proud.

Buenos Aires Fonts

This is the type of font you might see at Arkham Aslyum in Gotham City. The letters are tall and shadowed, a reflection of a metropolis that knows

Download Fonts: buenosaires

Linotype Dharma Regular

A true opening premiere font, Buenos Aires NF has the power to subconsciously excite filmgoers everywhere. Proper spacing should be acknowledged so that words are easily distinguishable, but once you’ve figured that out, it’s a recipe for box office gold.

Heinz Family Fonts

Like so many sci-fi films and production companies before it, this font’s slash-through lines gives it a whooshy feeling. It is definitely built for speed, not comfort, and will have Trekkie nerds rejoicing.

Market Deco

Straight out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles era, this font selection caters to samurai and martial arts films. Jagged and ancient, you might find this on everything from Bruce Lee movies to parodic updates of more classic films.

Download fonts: market_deco


Many a film marquee had this type of sans serif font to chalk up the movie-going experience, especially in the 1930s and ’40s.

You are more likely to see this one illuminated on old marquees the most. The letters are embossed with bubbles and the shadows grow darker near the bottom corners. This is what was made for movies.


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