Complete and Significant Description about Github

Github is a latest invention which is used to share code along with friends, co workers, classmates and also strangers. Hence it can be used by various people to bring in different things together at one place. It was developed in the beginning of October 2007 and finally it was launched in the year 2008. The projects installed on the site can be accessed and manipulated with the help of simple git command and best part is all the git command works fine with it. Further we have made an attempt to give complete description about Github which shall help you know about it in a better way.


The site has emerged as one of the most useful form of websites and performs the below mentioned functions such as;

  • The site has social networking function as mentioned below i.e. feeds, followers, wikis etc.
  • It also displays the social network graph which is used to display how developers work on the versions of the repository.
  • Users are required to create profile at the website and the public repositories can be accessed anyone in public.

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  • A user who creates profile a registered account is created and hence can take control over further things in the account. Hence it can be used by the users for discussing, managing, creating repositories and also for reviewing any changes made in the code.
  • Other services like a pastebin style are also provided by the site which is for hosting of a code.

Complete Description About Github

Considering its wide usage all around the world, the site owners have made launched new programs on the site which includes;

  • Giving free access to students of certain tools and this access was given with effect from October7, 2014.
  • The new pack is named as Github Student Developer Pack.
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Uses of Github

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The website is mostly used for code but it can be use for the non code type files as well namely Final cut or Word Documents.

  • The site is not only for the programmers but can be used by anyone who wants to avail information.
  • The files can be viewed on a 3D canvas.
  • Photoshop versions can be previewed on the website and can also be compared with the earlier versions on the site.
  • For the purpose of documentation and wikis.

What is Github Enterprise?

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The enterprise is similar to that of the public service website but has been designed for the use of large scale enterprises or software development teams. The enterprises can host their repositories on public level to gain add on advantages.

Facts about Github

After going through the above information, one would be interested to learn some of the relevant facts about the site which shall help them gain more knowledge about the site;

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The website started over in 2008 in California and then emerged as one of the biggest players in the year 2012. The company offers web hosting services also. It is a web based hosting service which can be used for development of the projects. Hence it can be used as a place where projects are posted online and thus can be accessed by public and add on contributions can be made to the same.

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It is a distributed version control system, wherein contents and version are controlled and managed in the most appropriate way. It is not only used for code but can also be used to manage the projects and documentation of the projects.

It is a social website which can be used by the users to create profiles and herein the details of individuals can be shared with other people using the site. Repositories are also created and can be organized in any form of language. Various services are rendered which makes earning money a lot easy. Few charges are levied for offering private code hosting service, further to this it can be hosted into the company’s firewall for an additional amount of fee.Their are some Email Address you should have in Address Book.

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One fine day Esri joined gifthub, and during March 2013, Esri had 57 public repositories with 75 members. It is quite an easy thing for a new programmer to launch a new project, explore or change them. On the contrary in past, software workers used to work in isolation for development of software where there was no access to the community groups.

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Once you are aware of complete description about Github and are eager to share your knowledge with others then get started to use the website. All you have to do is log on to the website, create a profile and then get started to use and access all the features of the website. Don’t forget that the profile can be restricted to be viewed only by certain users, whereas public repositories are open to public and can be accessed by any and everyone.



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