Creative Advance Photoshop Digital Artwork and Paintings By Michael Oswald

AmalgaMATE main digital artwork

Give me a chance to show to every one of the best of the best aforementioned here today who don’t have a clue about advance Photoshop creations mixer of Photoshopped photograph and painting in other words (half photograph control & half painting) definitely a unique concept artwork for all digital artists from professional to beginner level by well known artist Michael Oswald. All of his creations are having unique style and concept which we can follow to create something different, please find below his some of the best and latest digital artwork and paintings, which are as following with description by him in his own way.

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2008 gold medalist in the decathlon. I was striving for a more excellent, Greek supernatural posture for this one and I enjoyed the more masterful feel it generated. I will be remembering that going ahead.

Presenting TEAM GOLD – another arrangement that I have been advancing over the previous 18 months. This arrangement will include Olympic gold decoration winning jocks from the United States and I am as of now going around the nation shooting them. I am euphoric to see this arrangement get off the ground with a picture emphasizing my companion, World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Kerron Clement.

TEAM GOLD digital artwork

As dependably, I made the courses of action through the player’s executor and we moved toward gathering at a track in the Los Angeles territory toward the evening. We got the time and place right however there was some miscommunication about what I needed him to carry. He didn’t have a rivalry shirt, which was a really significant some piece of the look I needed. Thus, while I was doing harm control in my mind, he proposed that we only roll over to his house to get a shirt and we could shoot in his lawn. That inference was fine with me since I didn’t really require him to toss the disk and I generally wind up removing the foundation of the photograph in any case.

When we touched base at his house I headed off straight to the lawn to discover a suitable spot to set up. Most of the lawn was consumed by a pool and youngsters’ playhouse which just left me a little lush region in the corner to work with. Obviously the family puppy had finished a few business on the grass and somewhat clean up was required before we could continue.

TEAM GOLD Mariel Zagunis

TEAM GOLD Mariel Zagunis digital artwork

It hopefully happened that the day we were shooting was Halloween and his wife said that they were having individuals over that night for a gathering. That as well as the visitors were landing in a half hour! Regularly I get a kick out of the chance to have a two hour window to head over various diverse stances and lighting styles however that was currently not feasible and I took the same amount photographs as I could throughout that half hour. In the wake of taking a couple of shots I understood that I wasn’t getting a low enough point of him so we hauled a few cases out of his parking space to help raise him off of the ground as you see here. It was unquestionably a rough set up yet I got what I required.

The point when our half hour was up I broke down my gear and left through the side entryway to abstain from exasperating the arriving visitors.

Preferably, we might have drop the shoot for an alternate day however any sportsperson which something as prestigious as a gold decoration is extremely occupied and this was the main day he was home throughout the whole month. He apoligised for the miscommunication and absence of time yet I let him know that I have been arranging for this arrangement for quite a while and this is simply the sort of photograph shoot I was anticipating. Furthermore, its a fun story to tell.

Fun story about this photoshoot: [link]

TEAM GOLD Bryan Clay

TEAM GOLD Bryan Clay digital artwork

It’s Alive

Sort of an alternate re-try of an old idea – a ‘spouse of Frankenstein-esque’ character waking up – which is only one more reason for me to control the figure like I want to do

Model: Nikki Marsh ~NikxStock
Same model as: HE CHOSE ME [link] CANDY GIRL [link]

It's Alive digital artwork

Self Control

I named this Self Control since, as should be obvious, she is making herself vanish.

Self Control digital artwork

Freedom’s Edge

life without wings ~The desire to be free and fly away blinds us from the beauty and happiness that already surround us~ what a wish or every bodies wish

Freedom's Edge digital artwork

Last Race

Obviously, later on, when all races have joined everybody will have red hair, medium skin tone, and Asian eyes. I don’t think red hair might have worked excessively well for this picture so I shaved her.

The model for this picture (Maria), living in Hong Kong however from Russian Siberia, struck me as the sort of individual who is a survivor, so a cutting edge picture works well for her. (she’s not so much uncovered or bald)

Last Race Digital Artwork

Tinker Toy

Goodness, only a bit of something I’ve been tinkering with in my desperate science lab. Truly no explanation behind it. I recently began with a notion and ran with it.

It’s a bit suggestive for me however from time to time I’ve got to get a picture like this out of my framework. With all the extraordinary reference photographs I have of MOSH, its tricky to pick one and only. I assume that is the reason I picked two here. In spite of the fact that I needed to utilize two totally distinctive photographs, they consolidated together decently.

Tinker Toys Digital Artwork


I was asked by the customer to copy something that looked like the spreads of the old comic book: Conan the Barbarian. Some of the aforementioned spreads were carried out by Boris Vallejo, so I had my work removed for me. One normal topic that the spreads had was the ordinary ‘maiden in trouble’s subject and that fit well with the picture I was given.

Hex Digital Artwork


I figure you could call this requisition ‘fan art’ inspired  in spite of the fact that when I made it, I hadn’t seen the motion picture 300 yet. Notwithstanding that I have, I think it identifies with the film well.

Valiant Digital Artwork

Iron Curtain

Hollywood and motion picture amusement engineers have finished well to romanticize the frosty war period for youthful individuals like me who missed that genuine time period. Having made a trip to Russia and worked with a few models there made this picture just a matter of time.

Model Olga Kabulova : Still one of my top pick faces. Actually, this is literally the same reference photograph i utilized within my other picture, Skin Deep

Iron Curtain Digital Artwork

AmalgaMATE 8

I have a show heading up in Chicago one month from now and I needed to finish some new work for it. The display requested more apply autonomy since that is what I’m basically known for and for this one I attempted to keep it creative looking and not excessively “cartoony”

This stance was motivated by model Kharma Taylor who has a comparative picture of her like this. I enjoyed it since it shows off the shoulder and legs which are key focuses in my cyborgs.

AmalgaMATE Digital Artwork

She Ann

The old capital city of Xi’an (sounds like She Ann in English) is home to the planet celebrated internationally armed force of Teracotta Warriors which were built to secure the first Qin Emperor in the great beyond.

This figure is the girl of the Emperor who covertly joined the ranks against her father’s wishes. You may recollect a comparable topic in a Disney film. 😉
The content inexactly peruses. “As my shell tumbles to pieces, my soul will keep going for eternity”

She Ann Digital Artwork

Dexteria – AVP Contest Winner

here is the winner – my submission to the Advanced Photoshop Cover Contest, and it was one of the 4 selected images! gr8 Job MicahelO

Dexteria - AVP Contest Winner digital artwork

Iron Sides

It has been quite a while since I have transferred a picture into another classification. This was a decent change of pace.  I turned 30 in the relatively recent past and I’ve felt a tug to switch things up a touch and see what else I can finish for the following decade.

This piece was motivated by the picture Iron Curtain [link] I did a couple of weeks prior. In any case I adore the traditional crafts (and oil artistic creations of stallion dashing have dependably fascinated me) however I generally felt that craftsmanship is best shown as something that can’t be seen in this present reality. There ought to be some component of fiction and dream that needs more than a Polaroid to be reproduced.

Original photograph by Amber Chalfin

Iron Sides digital artwork

Two Locks One Key

One of my more darken notions (concept). I didn’t hope to finish it however on my most recent photograph shoot, I educated the model concerning it and she cherished the thought, so here we are.

Concerning the idea: this figure has two locks on her physique, one like a chastity cinch and the other over her heart. She has one key in her grasp as though she is asking the viewer, when you needed to pick, what some piece of me might you grasp? I accept these are two territories where individuals put up protections (seeing someone particularly) and when you approach me I’d try for the top bolt without fail. …also when you contemplate it, that opens everything.

Two Locks One Key digital artwork

Skin Deep

This was a submission I accomplished for a context about humankind.

The title, ‘Skin Deep’ obviously alludes to the normal expression ‘magnificence is just shallow’ significance, a delightful face can once in a while shroud an appalling inside. It is a regular truth on our planet and an exceptionally “human” condition, proper for the challenge.

I’m positively not saying that my model here, Olya, has a monstrous inside, actually she is a quite sweet and delightful individual yet that magnificence was a perfect inverse to the internal grotesqueness I needed to show in this picture. I was additionally certain to make her surroundings and embellishments as “sweet” as would be prudent with the goal that the distinction between the outside and inside was clear.

What I discover fascinating about this picture is that it might be quite difficult to take a gander at. Our brains are so ingrained with the picture of what a face resembles that to see it part separated like this is exceptionally confounding to the eye.


Model: Olya Kabulova – Moscow, Russia

Same model as: OLYA-NINA [link]

Skin Deep digital artwork

An Old Flame

I convey a light for somebody. It’s overwhelming and I need to convey only it. It’s icy and it blazes however it does carry me satisfaction to realize that there’s somebody on this planet worth convey a light for.

Original photo [link]
Model: Nikki Marsh ~NikxStock
Same model as: HE CHOSE ME [link] CANDY GIRL [link] CONTACT [link]

An Old Flame digital artwork


Had a couple of photograph shoots in LA with some Olympic swimmers and obviously, I needed to toss a robot picture in there some place. This is gold medalist, best on the planet world champion and cancer survivor Eric Shanteau.

original photo reference: [link]

Swimmer digital artwork

Christina Taylor Green tribute

This is work of art that I made for the group of Christina-Taylor Green. For the individuals who haven’t heard her story, I will illustrate:

2 years prior today, Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was holding an open gathering in a parking area in Tucson Arizona. While various individuals were accumulated to reach her, a man strolled up and began shooting, murdering 6 and harming the Congresswoman, who was shot in the head however survived.
9 year old Christina-Taylor was one of the exploited people. She was there that day to meet Giffords since she had an investment in governmental issues and would have liked to be included on a national level some time or another. Strangely, she was conceived on September eleventh 2001.
I felt propelled to make this work of art in light of the fact that, as per reports, Christina-Taylor was in line holding up to meet the Congresswoman however the two never found the opportunity to meet. So I figured, if anybody could put them together now, it could be me.

Her surviving family has a print of this in their home and were euphoric to get it. Workmanship is one of the most ideal approaches to memorialize somebody and infrequently, a thought like this pops in my mind and i feel the necessity to complete it. It might be the most compensating kind of craft realizing that it can carry solace to others.

Christina Taylor Green tribute digital artwork

Northwest Passage

It’s been a while since I’ve done view like this – basically on the grounds that it is so drawn out however I think this one was worth the time. I was roused by the film ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ which has a cool scene with an old statue remaining solitary in the snow.

I utilized the name Northwest Passage as reference to the time ages prior when Alaska and Russia were associated area masses. Perceiving how I am from North America and the definitive photograph of the model was taken in Russia, I thought it was a proper title.

On account of the aforementioned who helped me to remember The Neverending Story likewise.

When you know my work you’ll see a considerable measure of similitudes between this picture and Freedom’s Edge and Trajian’s Outpost. I surmise that is since it is extraordinary that I do this kind of work and I needed to stay inside my safe place.

Model: Nastya Fedorova
Original model image: [link]

Northwest Passage digital artwork

Heart Strings

This is a concept artwork that I truly like and you may recollect that I endeavored it before [link] however I didn’t prefer how that one turned out. It was essential enough for me to attempt it once more.

Heart Stringd digital artwork


and the last one in this showcase, another view of freedom

Galavanting digital artwork



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