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Top 20+ Funny StupidFox comics by SilentReaper

Stupid Fox who is by chance a Fox only is a character in Emily Y. Chan’s comic strips, the Stupid Fox. This idea originated from the corner of Emily’s notebook back where she had drawn a fox. On looking at the same, her friend stated, “It appearances like some imprudent fox” and thus into the comic world the Stupid Fox comics. Emily is a regular developer of this fox art and invests most of her time in making these comics. The Funny StupidFox comics by SilentReaper, or as they are called entered the comic world in the year 2008 on August 22. The SilentReaper aka Emily Chan, illustrates these comics on her deviant ART gallery. This comic shows the stupid activities of the fox along with his friends the Raccoon, Bunny and the Bird.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper1.1

2 Earliest StupidFox comics

Hello- the first comic by Silent Reaper

“Hello” was the first ever edition in the Stupid Fox series by Silent Reaper on her deviant Art gallery. It shows the Fox responding a small “Hello” to his friend Raccoon while his friend shrinks down to some tiny element due to fear.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper21


  • This particular first edition depicts that how a simple stupid activity of a fox startles the friend to almost inevitable death and a tiny ghost.
  • This comic is designed entirely in a simple manner to show the difficulties and obstacles of a complication world. This brings into the mind of the readers about the hindrances in everyday life and our reaction towards it.
  • Here, the Raccoon reacts hastily and shrinks in fear, while it was a simple greeting from the fox therefore, giving us a very important message on “Do not react but respond”.

Fly Trap- the second comic to the ever-loved series

Emily Chan after the success of her first comic came up with yet another innovative caricature the Fly Trap. For most of us reading comics, this might appear to be some simple drawings in the web world but it has a lot of significance in our lives

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper1


  • Reading carefully at the base of each such comic, Emily provides the world with just a line of message. Below this comic she has beautifully written “You never know if you don’t try”
  • Well, that is true. Had not the Fox tried to go for the fly, he would have not realised that the Venus Fly Traps are meant to catch fly and it is their food.
  • Similarly are our ways of life. Until we do not try to achieve something, we shall never know its value. Be it the knowledge you gain in the everyday world or anything that interests you.
  • Thus, this particular short comic provokes us to invest our time in trying to do things.

Follow the Principles

Stupid Fox is supposed to act in a stupid manner, but in fact, he overlooks the negative aspects of the world by simple staring at the vacant place and bringing to us the important small lessons of life that we tend to forego.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper

Think Positive

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper2
Some moments just don’t turn out the way you want them to.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper3
Don’t try too hard.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper4
Being at a restaurant or bakery really doesn’t help the ‘fat’ argument

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper5
All you need to do is imagine

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper6
Actually, it looks like it’s going to rain today D:

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper7
Falling asleep isn’t so easy in the first place

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper8
Is it just me, or are MP3 players looking more and more edible lately?

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper9
It was nice of him to be offering in the first place.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper10
There’s a balloon of everything and anything.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper11
They could climb the tree … but that’s no fun

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper12
Fast Travel.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper13

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper14
Mannequins are unrealistic portrayals of people anyway.

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper15
That would be so cool …

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper16
Did I not meet your dress code…?

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper17

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper18
The Truth is Out There…

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper19

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper20

I used to have a Venus Fly Trap…

StupidFox comics by SilentReaper1



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