Critical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Critical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Do you know if your website’s design is affecting your online business? Here’s your chance to finally find out, so you can spend more time on what’s working with your website to increase profits, and change what’s not and actually costing you revenue!

Through my professional online experience dealing with Think Inc., a leading Vancouver website design firm, I’ve learned how crucial it is to understand the three vital elements that make up effective web design. Applying these elements to your website’s design can make all the difference between success and failure of your online business.

According to this top-rated Vancouver website design firm, an effective web design consists of three simple factors that altogether, optimize search engine rank and help convert visitors into paying customers. So without any further hindrance to your online revenue potential, here are the three elements your web design needs to work most effectively:

Easy & Logical Usability

Critical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Your website must be simple to use, easy to navigate, and logically built -in other words, user friendly. The navigation system should be in the same place on every page and have the same format. Visitors will get confused and frustrated if links appear and disappear unpredictably. Consider using Server Side Includes for your main navigation system to make certain the navigation system stays consistent.

Don’t make your visitors guess where a link is going to take them. Visitors should be able to anticipate a link’s destination by reading the text in the link or on the navigation button. This isn’t the time to be cute or obscure – visitors don’t have the time or patience for it.  Large or complex sites should always have a text-based site map in addition to text links. Every page should contain a text link to the site map. Lost visitors will use it to find their way, while search engines spiders will have reliable access to all your pages.  Most sites include their logo somewhere at the top of every page – generally in the top, left-hand corner. Visitors expect this logo to be a link to your site’s home page. They’ll often go there before looking for the home link in the navigation system.

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Search Engine Optimization

Crirical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Your website must be properly optimized using relevant, targeted, well researched keywords, so that search engines can index your web pages accordingly, and generate qualified online traffic (users) to your site. The Meta Keywords tag used to be the main tag for telling search engines what keywords were most relevant to the content of a website. A webmaster could include this tag in the head section of their website and fill it with the keywords that they wanted their site to rank for. Eventually spammers caught on to the fact that repeating keywords over and over in the Meta Keywords tag could cause their website to rank better. Google and other search engines eventually caught on to this and made a major change to their algorithms. The major change was to shift focus to links rather than Meta tags. The Meta Keywords tag no longer has an impact on search engine rankings… 
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Visual Appeal for Your Market (Not Just You!)

Crirical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Your web design must possess a unique, professional and inviting presence that builds brand image, and keeps users interested in seeing more. It is also critical to deliver visual appeal specifically to your Target Market; giving them what they would expect to see, and what they are looking for upfront and center when they arrive to your site.

Our leading Vancouver website design firm gives us a clear understanding as to why these three elements must work in tandem to generate effective web design: “Great search engine optimization methods will bring visitors to your website, but your website needs to be easy to use and have visual appeal to keep your visitors interested enough to stay on the site, and convert them into customers.”

“On the other hand, however, your user friendly and visually appealing website won’t serve any purpose either if it’s not optimized so that visitors can find you. Furthermore, if your website is stunning, well-optimized, and can be found easily, but is hard to understand, lacks valuable information, and possesses sloppy navigation, or perhaps even takes too long to load, it will only hold your visitors’ attention for so long before they move on to less stressful websites.”

This Vancouver website design firm also suggests that in this era of highly sophisticated Internet marketing and web design technology and services, there is no reason for any online business to suffer from an ineffective website. Whether your goal is to present a basic business website that briefly introduces and describes your business, or to strive for a full-service, profit-generating storefront, there is a wide array of design choices to cater to all of your needs.

Keep in mind, your website should fit your business like a well-tailored suit. It should reflect exactly who you are and, at the same time, instill confidence in your visitors-your potential customers-that your business is solid, stable, and reliable. Use this article as your starting point to find out whether your web design is truly effective. Don’t waste another minute making web design mistakes that are costing you your online revenue!

Preparing a Long Term Marketing Strategy

Crirical Elements of an Effective Web Design

Preparing a long term marketing strategy and following through is another essential function that the web master has to be committed to fulfilling, as even the most popular web sites can fall from the top search engine positions seemingly at a whim. These sudden changes in rankings usually occur when the search engine software or algorithms undergo a significant change or update, making it necessary for the webmaster to re-establish most or all of the core key word phrases relevant to the web site at hand. Maintaining this long term marketing approach is a daunting task, and can sometimes discourage even the most effective marketer.

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