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100 Cute Examples Of Tattoos For Girls

Tattoos are something that a lot of people love to have. In past tattoos were only popular among men but with the modernization of world and new trends, girls now days also love to get their body inked. One thing that confuses most of the tattoo lovers is finding the right place to get it.

Tattoo is something that is going to stay on your body for a very long time so you should pick a place where it will look perfect. One problem that most of the girls face while getting a tattoo is to choose the right body part to get it. It is sometimes essential for girls to hide their tattoo at workplace or at any other place so this post will tell you the great parts where you as a girl can easily get a tattoo with less pain and you can also hide them easily where it is needed. Don’t forget to look at some of the striking examples of tattoos for girls as an inspiration. So let’s get started with the places.

girls tattoo 01

When Kendall Jenner got her first tattoo ever, she went with micro tiny dot that is so small, you can barely see it with naked eyes. While you don’t have to go that tiny small microscopic and have a look on showcased 100 Cute Examples Of Tattoos For Girls which are mostly tiny Adorable tattoo designs for girls but not teeny tiny tattoos, these tiny tattoos are so adorable, even your mom and dad will approve.

Adorable Wrist Tattoos for Girls:

Wrist is something that is considered as one of the best places for girls to have a tattoo as this place is extremely low in the scale of pain. You can ink small symbols or words such as the infinity, butterfly, bird, etc here. This is also a good place for working women as you can easily hide it.

Wrist words tattoo designs are always a great choice – The way she incorporates with a moon symbol the wrists makes the tattoo look so much cleaner on wrist. below are 30+ wrist tattoo designs


wrist girls tattoo designs1.1

wrist girls tattoo designs1.2

wrist girls tattoo designs1.3

wrist girls tattoo designs1.4

wrist girls tattoo designs1.5

wrist girls tattoo designs1.6

wrist girls tattoo designs1.7

wrist girls tattoo designs1.8

wrist girls tattoo designs1.9

wrist girls tattoo designs1.10

wrist girls tattoo designs1.11

wrist girls tattoo designs1.12

wrist girls tattoo designs1.13

wrist girls tattoo designs1.15

wrist girls tattoo designs1.16

wrist girls tattoo designs1.18

wrist girls tattoo designs1.19

wrist girls tattoo designs1.20

wrist girls tattoo designs1.21

wrist girls tattoo designs1.22

wrist girls tattoo designs1.23

wrist girls tattoo designs1.24

wrist girls tattoo designs1.25

wrist girls tattoo designs1.26

girls tattoo 2

girls tattoo 3

girls tattoo 4

girls tattoo 5

girls tattoo 6

girls tattoo 7

girls tattoo 8

girls tattoo 9



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