50 Perfectly Clicked Dance Photography Examples

Those who are interested in dance photography should prepare him for all the trial and error methods in order to learn about new methods of camera and also to learn about the appropriate setting. It is important that the photographer should capture the right dance moments at the right time, and this is what is called as perfect dance photography.

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Usually at parties or functions, one may notice that the dance pictures clicked by the photographers gets blurred or are out of focus just because of the fact that they are not a professional to click these pictures and then we realize the importance of a dance photographer who can click some of the amazing dance photography pictures. The dance photography examples are some of the masterpieces which can be looked at to have an idea as to what dance photography is all about.

Dance Photography Examples

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Tips for dance photography

Herein we have mentioned some of the tips which can be followed to ensure that a perfect photography can be done at the time of dancing;

  • It is recommended that the photographer should not watch the dancers while clicking pictures anticipating their moves.
  • Concentrate on the music and try to catch up with the beats, with this eventually you will get a grip on the songs and then get accustomed of the moves of the dancers.
  • Keep on trying different settings of the camera, because you may never know that which kind of setting may create a masterpiece in itself.
  • Hold on to the camera till arm’s length and this shall help you give a different depth to the photo thus giving it a different look and also isolating the dancers within the photo.

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Maurya Kerr

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Problems faced while learning dance photography


It is very important to make the choice of equipment critically because this can make the things simple or complicated for a photographer. Following things should be taken care of while making the selection of a camera;

  • If the camera adjusts itself automatically for the shoot and the shutter speed and aperture opening gets automated, then obviously the chances of having some good dancing click increase.
  • In almost all the dance settings the light is kept low and the action of dances is quite fast which makes it a bit difficult to capture the images right on time, and in this case the automatic setting camera is not advisable.
  • The shutter speed of the camera should depend on the type of dance which has to be photographed.


It also plays an important role while clicking the picture, and in order to get a perfect photo it is important to overcome some of the challenges posed by lights. Following are the challenges and tips which must be followed by a photographer;

  • Use of particular equipment can be a help but before that gaining an understanding about light is equally important.
  • Evaluate the color of light and this light consists of the color temperature and the perceived color. The artificial light sources are not able product to a light which is exactly white. Some kind of florescent lights are also produced by the camera for which the eyes of photographer and the viewer adjust himself with.
  • It is suggested that one should opt the white balance setting and then manually adjust the color which can be Kelvin or K.
  • On events where gelled lights are used, it is then recommended to go into the setting menu of the camera and then turn down the saturation as far as it can go. After the above mentioned is done, the color can be seen but it not does not overpower anything standing along with it. Hence two modes of saturation can be opted with change in camera setting and i.e. regular and low saturation setting.

How can the motion blur be reduced?

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Following tips can be followed by the photographer to ensure that no blur occurs while clicking a picture;

  • A fast shutter speed camera is the suggested one, because it may facilitate clicking of the photos smoothly.
  • Choosing the zoom out option, when you zoom in any picture then everything in the frame gets magnified and it thus increases the chances of motion blur, however by choosing zoom out one can show the whole stage and the effect of motion blur become less noticeable.
  • Look out for the moment when action is in the pause mode and then click the picture. Like when a dancer jumps or takes a round, photographer should wait for the pause after the jump or a round and click the picture. This not only gives you a perfect picture but also has less motion making the photo clear.

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The above mentioned tips can be a lot useful to overcome difficulties which one may face while learning dance photography or while attempting to click some of the amazing dance photography. One can also have a look at the dance photography examples to gain an understanding as to what dance photography is all about.



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